People of faith and belief

Celebrating our differences

In May we celebrated our first ever People of Faith and Belief Month. Faith and belief role models from across the University talked about their philosophical and religious beliefs, how it shapes and guides their identity and expresses how they live their life.

A diverse range of faiths and beliefs were shared, from veganism, humanism, naturalism and pacifism to Buddhism, Christianity, Sikhism and Islam.

We also invited contributions to a ‘Thought for the Day’, which was communicated to staff and students on a variety of platforms.

At the University of Derby we know that people have principles, convictions and values which determine how they live their lives. These are demonstrated most clearly in our behaviours and approaches to each other, our communities and our world.

We celebrate this faith and belief through a variety of activities hosted by our Chaplaincy Team, the Union of Students Societies and the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team.

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