Policy and Strategy

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy statement

We are committed to providing an environment that seeks to encourage an open and diverse community. This is reflected in our values and behaviours where we respect the rights and dignity of all people whatever their background. 

By consistently living our values we seek to eliminate the things that undermine, or are harmful to anyone involved in the activities of our University.  We, therefore, believe that unlawful discrimination, intimidation, or harassment of anyone connected with the University, specifically related to their race, religion or belief, age, gender reassignment, sex, sexual orientation, disability, marital or partnership status, or maternity and pregnancy cannot be tolerated. In addition, we strive to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between all people at the University.  However, as a learning organisation we will provide an environment where people can address and debate differences and constantly reflect on practices. 

We celebrate diversity and understand the significance of inclusion within the organisation. We support initiatives that increase bi-visibility and trans-awareness, including non-binary and we promote accessibility that is enabling for those with hidden disabilities. We provide a work and study environment that recognises difference and prioritises inclusion, which assists people to express their identity in non-specific ways. Prejudice and discriminatory practice and behaviours towards these groups will not be condoned.

We recognise that our business practices, decisions, and actions have the potential to impact disproportionately on certain groups or individuals and will therefore review relevant key policies and practices, as well as major business changes. We will constantly reflect on our activities and be open and transparent about changes that have a major effect on employees or students.

We aspire to be recognised by the local community and the sector, as an organisation that leads the way in publicly promoting the value of diverse cultures and our belief that these different experiences make our University a better place to work and study.

The aims and objectives of this policy will be addressed through the University’s Equality and Diversity Strategy and Action Plan, quality processes, annual monitoring, business planning, policies, procedures, and guidelines.

People Strategy

Our Strategic Framework 2018-2030 sets out our long-term direction and aspirations for the University, our staff and our students. It informs the People Strategy, which describes how we will meet our ambitious goals through the people we employ and others who work with us, to help us deliver a world-class student experience.

We are proud of our staff and understand that the best student experience can only be delivered if the people we have working for us share our vision, our ambitions, and our dedication to delivering excellence. We understand the importance of high-quality staff experience to get the best out of people in a high-performance culture, where we strive to compete with the best in our sector.

Our People strategy has been developed following direct consultation and engagement with our staff and other stakeholders as well as views submitted in staff surveys and in the development of our Strategic Framework.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The strategy sets out how we intend to meet our statutory duties under the Equality Act 2010. The strategy was produced in consultation with staff, students, and stakeholders and was approved by the Executive team and Governing Council in 2017.

Action Plan

The Equality and Diversity Committee has, through consultation, produced a top-level action plan to support the strategy, which will be adopted by all colleges and departments to implement appropriate actions in their area. The Equality and Diversity Committee will report on the progress of meeting the actions through its annual report.