Inclusion at Derby

Committed to you

At the University of Derby, we are committed to promoting diversity and equity through inclusive practice. This means that we will do everything we can to ensure that every aspect of our teaching practice, the services available to support learning and the environment in which the teaching and learning takes place, are right for every student.

We understand that diversity and inclusion is about recognising and appreciating the intersectionality of every student and member of staff who becomes part of our community. We actively celebrate identity and the knowledge, experience and talents each person brings to the University. We are not inclusive to simply identify difference.

We seek to create a culture of acceptance and fairness and build environments which are engaging, supportive and professional. We embed systems and procedures to ensure that everyone is valued and respected. We will not accept behaviours that discriminate, and we will challenge language and attitudes that diminish and disrespect others.

We cannot achieve this on our own. We expect everyone to play their part to challenge white privilege, racism, homophobia, sexism, disablism and every other area of inequality that disempowers individuals and communities.

We can all make mistakes, if we attempt to actively learn from them, we do not expect these mistakes to be made twice.