Our Fairtrade plan

Fairtrade at Derby

A summary of our Fairtrade at Derby SMART plan (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based) for February 2021 to April 2022. Note this is a snap shot of dynamic document. 

The Fairtrade Committee


The numbers refer to Fairtrade Award criteria. We also include information on specific actions and what has been, is being or will be done.

Leadership and strategy (MN001)

Requirement: A functioning Fairtrade (FT) committee that reports into leadership and/or governance structures.

Our Committee membership includes all those necessary for the delivery of this plan, including all University and Union catering managers, and student reps. A committee is in place that includes students. Please contact Rosemary Horry if you would like to be involved.

The committee submits reports to the Vice-Chancellor's Executive via the Environmental Sustainability Steering Group.

Leadership and strategy (MN002)

Requirement: A SMART action plan to be be endorsed by University Senior Management and the Union Board of Trustees. Our plan is endorsed on both and is published on our website.

Leadership and strategy (MN003)

Requirement: A commitment of intent to support Fairtrade and its values within the last two years signed by senior management and their retail and catering outlets and this is published.

Our agreed Fairtrade Statement re-endorsed by University Vice-Chancellor Kathryn Mitchell, Colina Wright (CEO Union), Chris Meynell, Josh Reed, Richard Greensmith and Rob Laidlaw. It is published on our website.

Campaigning and influencing (MN004)

Fairtrade Fortnight activities. University wide for 2021 and 2022.


Campaigning and influencing (MN005)

Requirement: Innovative campaigns on Fairtrade, trade justice or ethical consumption, run in partnership with students.

Buxton and Leek: Further education welcome events: Fairtrade Cake Extravaganzas, with Fairtrade cakes baked by students with learning differences and/or disabilities. Two Cake Extravaganzas held in 2021.

A student-led campaign to demonstrate the student mandate was live on Union Ideas Forum until 7 March.

Procurement, retail and catering (MN006)

Requirement: All outlets to stock FT products in certain categories, and working to increase the number of lines or items sold year on year: 

All procurement partners are working against the odds to meet this target as best they can.

Procurement, retail and catering (MN007)

All commercial outlets stock at least one FT line in at least two of the following (where category is stocked): 

All procurement partners are working against the odds to meet this target as best they can.

Procurement, retail and catering (MN008)

Requirement: Point of Sale (POS) material in all relevant outlets. 

POS material is less than two years old, displayed close to products and highlights FT products, with information on benefits of FT to growing communities.

Very little POS material is available so we’re improvising.

Research and curriculum (MN009)

Requirement: Carry out scoping activities among students and/or staff to inform our Fairtrade work, and make the findings publicly available. Conduct Fairtrade survey of staff. Get at least 100 participants. Survey results to be published on website.

Research and curriculum (MN010)

Requirement: Provide and publicise opportunities for students to investigate Fairtrade, trade justice or ethical consumption issues on or off campus within their course work or dissertations.

A question of collating existing opportunities.

Opportunities in generic terms published on webpage.

Outcomes (MN011)

Requirement: Publication of annual progress report, made publicly available.

Outcomes Report written, and published online on the University's website.

Leadership and strategy (LD001)

Requirement: The Union has one or more active policies which support FT passed within the last three years, and published online.

Policy is expressed through the Fairtrade Statement.

Leadership and strategy (LD002)

Requirement: The University has one or more active policies supporting FT passed within the last three years, and published online.

Fairtrade is included in our Environmental Policy.

Campaigning and influencing (CI001)

Requirement: FT at inductions.

Include FT in the Buxton and Leek College (BLC) Support Services induction video. FT had a brief mention in the video. 

BLC whole-college FT Induction project, with every curriculum area contributing. BLC Fairtrade Induction Project successfully delivered.

Campaigning and influencing (CI004)

Requirement: Piece of work with a local off-campus group.

Chair of Leek Fairtrade Town to participate in Fairtrade celebration in Leek to round off BLC FT induction project.

Councillor Susan Coleman, Chair of Leek Fairtrade Town, was guest of honour at Leek Fairtrade Celebration.

Campaigning and influencing (CI004)

Requirement: Supporting a student group to campaign on FT.

Support formation of a new student Fairtrade Society. Names collected for new Fairtrade Society.

Investigate whether other student societies are interested in including Fairtrade in their activities. Vegan Society is interested. 

Campaigning and influencing (CI007)

Requirement: Effective web presence. Update FT web pages every six months.

Web pages are updated as necessary.

Campaigning and influencing (CI008)

Requirement: Social media. Regular and inspiring communication via social media.

Working through Student Communications as well as other social media eg Chaplaincy.

Campaigning and influencing (CI009)

Requirement: Sharing good practice. Use the “Choose the World You Want” festival as a platform.

Two bids accepted for the 2021 Choose the World You Want festival: video about the contribution of LDD students and Multi-Faith Forum on Climate Change.

Campaigning and influencing (CI010)

Requirement: Stall at Freshers’ Fair.

Increase the student mandate for FT through a FT stall at Freshers’ Fair in Derby.

Collected names of students who want to get more involved by:

Encouraged participation in the Union campaign.

Campaigning and influencing (CI012)

Requirement: Partnership has supported students to fundraise for Fairtrade Foundation.

LDD students raise money through sale of their hand-made goods at Christmas. £140 sent to Fairtrade Foundation.

Procurement, retail and catering (PL003)

Requirement: The partnership has captured FT sales data for the previous two academic years and reported back to the FT Foundation.

FT sales data captured by all 3 procurement partners. Data on its way.

Procurement, retail and catering (PL004)

Requirement: Partnership has included terms in tender documentation that reference Fairtrade requirements for relevant categories, or states that Fairtrade suppliers will be preferred.

Identify tender documentation referring to fairly traded/ethically sourced goods.

Model Tender Questions and Response Guidance Documentation has been identified. 

Procurement, retail and catering (PL007)

Requirement: In last two years, partnership has engaged with at least one of the following stakeholders to adopt or increase FT commitments:

Considering participating in a new nationwide campaign targeting NUS suppliers. Decide on whether participation is appropriate and act accordingly.

Procurement, retail and catering (PL010)

Requirement: Sales promotions (discounts, competitions, loyalty cards etc) are run on FT products periodically throughout the year.

As many sales promotions as possible:

Research and curriculum (RC001)

Requirement: Teaching staff to take part in the Global Goals Teach-In, and include FT issues within their teaching, learning or assessment during annual teach-in week in Feb 2021/2. Ten academics took part in 2021.

We had 71 take part in 2022 and we need identify examples of resulting teaching materials.

Research and curriculum (RC002)

Requirement: Follow-up research among broad range of students and staff to inform its FT work, make findings publicly available. Should link back to baseline research conducted as part of the mandatory criteria.

Carry out a re-survey of BLC students to compare with that done in 2020 and publish online. Report to be written of findings.

Research and curriculum (RC003)

Requirement: Support two or more students to complete an investigation of FT, trade justice or ethical consumption issues on or off campus within course work or dissertation. Share key findings publicly.

Make this part of the BLC Fairtrade Induction Project. Carpentry and Joinery and Engineering students completed FT research as part of the BLC FT Induction Project.

Research and curriculum (RC004)

Requirement: Peer-review another FT University or College partnership.

Achieve through participation in the Fairtrade University networks that have evolved. Impact report to be written.

Research and curriculum (RC005)

Requirement: Baseline curriculum review/audit for FT, trade justice or ethical consumption themes conducted and published. Review to be published.

Done and published for students and staff engagement.

Research and curriculum (RC006)

Requirement: Commence or complete research into FT, trade justice or ethical consumption issues, plan to make findings public and utilise for future activities.

Identify whether any of our academics has recent research to offer. Complete search.

Research and curriculum (RC007)

Requirement: At least one academic to have joined the FT Directory of Supporting Academics.

Deb Raha is now in the Directory.

Research and curriculum (RC008)

Requirement: Partnership has connected its FT work with decolonising its curriculum by providing students with more opportunities to learn through the lens of producers.

Consult with relevant colleagues. Teaching and learning materials to be identified.

Research and curriculum (RC009)

Requirement: Commenced/completed validation of a module specialising in FT, ethical consumption and trade justice.

Research with colleagues. Complete research and act accordingly.

Innovative Interventions (II01)

Establish relationship with Fairtrade supply chain with a view to students visits etc.

Recce completed.

Innovative Interventions (II02)

Chaplaincy Weekly Fairtrade Lunch. Lunch is well established. Try to increase numbers and student involvement in delivery.