Our Fairtrade Statement

Fairtrade Statement Signed 2023

Fairtrade statement transcript

The University of Derby and the Union of Students believe that students and staff can make a positive contribution to the global society, and we take seriously our ethical approaches at all levels. 

We aim to nurture a growing Fairtrade movement within the University, enabling all of our community to develop skills, knowledge, experience and attributes to harness the power of business in the fight against poverty. 

Working in partnership with our in-house and external caterers, we jointly commit to support, use and promote Fairtrade products, where possible extending both our sales and procurement as far as is feasible. 

We will achieve this by following the strategic recommendations of the new Fairtrade Foundation/ NUS Fairtrade University Award scheme, and thus renew our Fairtrade University Award. 

We will deliver our commitment as follows: 

Steering Group

A Fairtrade Steering Group of staff and students will implement this Statement, meeting every 8 weeks and reporting quarterly to the University's VCE. 

The Union's Part Time Officer (Ethics & Environment) will be a key student member of the group. 

Campaigning and Influencing

We will offer a range of campaigning, educational and promotional activities both during Fairtrade Fortnight and throughout the year, delivered in partnership with students wherever possible. 

Procurement and Retail

We will partner with University, Union and external commercial managers to maximise both the range and sales of Fairtrade goods, which will be carried by all our retail and catering outlets. 

We will increase the visibility of our Fairtrade offer and raise awareness of its global impact through point of sale material. 

Research and Curriculum

Our work will be informed by a baseline Fairtrade student survey. 

We will identify and publicise opportunities for students to investigate Fairtrade, trade justice or ethical consumption issues on or off campus within their course work or dissertations. 

This statement will be reviewed annually and was last updated July 2023.

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