Barbora's story video transcript

Barbora Horackova, BA (Hons) Marketing and Media student:

"My dream after finishing high school in the Czech Republic was to study abroad and when I found the University of Derby, I knew it was the right fit for me."

[Barbora walks across the grass at our Kedleston Road site and heads towards the main buildings, standing against a blue sky. She sits outside the buildings beside some trees and works on a laptop.]

"I came to Derby with two main goals to become a successful marketer and to make great friends in my new home city."

[Barbora works in the marketing office. The wall is covered in eye-catching designs.]

[Barbora takes a selfie with her phone outside the main buildings.]

[An aerial view across parkland and arterial roads to our Markeaton Street and Britannia Mill buildings.]

"Now, in my the final year of my Digital Marketing course I have achieved exactly what I wanted and so much more. Alongside my studies, I have gained valuable experience refining my creativity through internships and part-time work and developing new skills in social media marketing, graphic design, and video production."

[Barbora uses video editing software on her laptop, then takes pictures with a stills camera in a studio. She sits in a chair and talks into a video camera.] 

"My biggest success so far - landing an internship with the University's Marketing team."

[Barbora sits with a colleague in the University's Atrium and discusses work on a laptop.]

"As a Marketing student we always dream about getting a chance like this so I cannot describe how much this opportunity means to me. I am so excited to begin my next chapter here studying for a master's degree. Choosing the University of Derby was one of the best decisions of my life."

Barbora's story video

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