Markeaton Street

A place of innovation and creativity, Markeaton Street is home to our engineering, computing and mathematics courses as well as art, design, media and performing arts.  

Markeaton Street is where our Engineering, Computing and Mathematics courses are based, as well as Art, Design, Media and Photography. Music recording studios and post-production rooms are expertly kitted out with HDX Protools systems, an array of outboard gear and instruments, a classic 48-channel Neve recording console and the leading-edge Focusrite RedNet system. 

Neighbouring Chandos Pole Street features industry-standard fashion and textiles equipment, while the £12 million STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Centre has a range of computer studios and engineering workshops.

Purpose-built studios and facilities include: 

The site is a 15-minute walk from Kedleston Road and is served by the Unibus. There is a cafe and a Union of Students shop on site.  

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Virtual Open Day: Markeaton Street and Chandos Pole tour

Go beyond the classroom with the latest equipment, technology and study spaces to bring your learning to life. Have a look around our Markeaton Street and Chandos Pole Street site in our Virtual Open Day tour.

Virtual Open Day: Markeaton Street tour

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Virtual Open Day: Chandos Pole Street tour

View Virtual Open Day: Chandos Pole Street tour video transcript