Fashion and Textiles centre

Our Chandos Pole Street building contains new specialist facilities for Fashion and Textiles. These include light and airy studio spaces as well as industry-standard equipment and design facilities.

At Chandos Pole Street, you can use our purpose-built centre for 3D fashion product development. This houses an extensive range of specialist equipment including:

You can also use our industry-standard computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) programs for our specialist machinery including:

At Markeaton Street you can also use our Digital Design Hub which has many specialist digital Textile Print equipment including

At Britannia Mill Studios, you will find our Printmaking Hub, where you can screen print onto paper and fabric as use our dye facility.

Our Chandos Pole Street building opened in September 2016 and covers 1,100 square metres of space. As well as open-plan studios and industrial textiles (weave and knit) spaces, Chandos Pole Street also has tutorial and breakout areas and technical and academic staff offices.

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a student using a hand loom in the Weave Studio

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