Outdoor learning space

The Institute of Education has a Forest School Practitioner who offers Forest School sessions across all programmes of Education

What is a Forest School?

Forest School is an inspirational process that offers children regular opportunities to achieve and develop their confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural outdoor environment.  It promotes a child-centred approach to learning, interweaved with the ever-changing landscape of the natural world through discovery and differences throughout the seasons

Forest School sessions help children improve their wellbeing as they are seen as a therapeutic alternative to a formal education approach. They can be adapted to suit children of all ages and skills levels whilst offering different challenges to stimulate learning and improve children’s wellbeing. 

Where is our Forest School?

The Forest School sessions are held in an area of woodland close to Kedleston Road, Derby Campus. Adjacent to the patch of woodland is a sports field, which is also used for fieldwork in areas of education. Whilst these sites are owned by the University they are also designated as open green space for community use.

How will I learn? 

As an Education student at Derby, you will have the opportunity to explore Forest School sessions first hand, led by qualified practitioners within both the University's own woodland and also in partnership with fellow Forest School provision.

The experiences provide you the chance to explore the wider pedagogical approaches of the current education system and critically review different curriculum approaches.

Forest School sessions resonate with the work of educational theorists and are designed to demonstrate to students the ethos of Forest Schools. Each session aims to fit specific aspects of education and demonstrate how they can be linked to the curriculum. Our Forest School sessions offer time and space to enhance personal wellbeing and give students the opportunity to use their imagination and enjoy learning in what is our richest and ever-changing classroom ‘the outdoors’.

Courses that use the Forest School space include: