Mock Labour Room

Our students can gain experience in a clinical setting in our mock labour room which can be set up in our ward area, which includes a labour bed, mattress and birthing pool. 

Create real-life scenarios using our mock labour room

Our Midwifery programmes use high-fidelity equipment which facilitates training to a near practice experience as possible. We provide our students with simulation and scenario-based learning throughout their course and students are able to perform newborn and infant physical examinations and baby checks.

We use birthing mannikins which simulate not only birth but artificial rupture of membranes, vaginal examinations, breech (bottom first) births and obstetric emergencies. We use a fully functioning resuscitaire which is used in practice for neonatal resuscitation, enabling students to learn, develop and become proficient at these skills prior to qualification as a midwife. 

Set up in our mock hospital ward, our mock labour room features the following equipment:

It is important for students to practice skills prior to practice placements so they can provide safe and effective care whilst feeling confident and competent to do this guided by their practice supervisors. Simulation and scenario-based learning is where students are immersed in a near as possible clinical environment or situation. This has many benefits for students, such as learning through doing and reflecting, practising skills, critical thinking, team working and self-confidence. These sessions prepare students to be able to manage unpredictable emergency environments and acquire and develop higher critical judgement skills.

A pelvis model and baby
A female student using a doppler on a bump model
A female student checking a premature baby mannikin in the resuscitaire machine