Sexual Violence and Misconduct Liaison Officers

Our friendly and supportive Sexual Violence and Misconduct Liaison Officers (SVMLOs) are Senior Wellbeing Advisors, certified in supporting those who have been directly or indirectly affected by recent or historical incidents of sexual misconduct. 

What is sexual misconduct?

What support is available?

Our SVMLOs are available to offer confidential, one-to-one support to all members of the University throughout the academic year, and will listen empathetically and without judgement. As a confidential service, you can tell your SVMLO as much or as little as you'd like about what's happened. 

Your SVMLO is aware that all individuals and circumstances are different and will work with you to support your needs and requirements. They can liaise with external organisations, University staff, and discuss support moving forward to suit your needs and with your safety and security in mind. They can also provide information on reporting options, both within the University and externally. However, they will never pressure you to make any decisions on reporting the incident and instead, will support your decisions and whatever you feel is best for you. 

Support can be accessed in person in our confidential and comfortable advice rooms, over the phone, or via Microsoft Teams.

To access this service, email us at or call 01332593000 where our friendly advice assistant will make a referral to the service on your behalf. 

Senior Wellbeing Advisor James Stanney square image

I am dedicated to supporting victims of sexual violence and harassment.

James Stanney
Senior Wellbeing Advisor and SVMLO

SVMLO availability: Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm 

As a sexual violence liaison officer, I am dedicated to supporting victims of sexual violence and harassment. I'm here to provide guidance, information and a safe space to explore options for those experiencing the challenges these incidents can bring, in an unbiased way.

We have a male SVMLO in post currently and are looking to recruit a female within this team in the very near future. If you’d prefer to speak to a female SVLO, you can do so by contacting our Union of Students SVLO’s.