Register with a doctors surgery, dentist and other health care information

It's important to look after your health when moving away from home for the first time. This includes registering with a new GP and finding your local sexual health service. If, like most students, you spend more weeks of the year at your university address than your family's address, you need to register with a GP near your university as soon as possible. That way you can receive emergency care if you need it, and access health services quickly and easily while you're away.

Park Medical Practice 

At the University of Derby, there's an on-site GP, Park Medical Practice which is located on the Ground Floor of T Block at our Kedleston Road site.

You can register if:

You can register up to 1 week prior to moving to Derby. 


Contact us

The Park Medical Practice NHS doctors surgery based within the University. For all medical related and health care queries, please contact the doctors surgery directly.

Term Time opening hours: Monday, 9am-6pm and Tuesday-Friday, 9am-5pm.

Tel: 01332 668003

Park Medical Practice, T Block, University of Derby, Kedleston Road, Derby , DE22 1GB

If you're a University of Derby student, but you don't live in Derby you can find your local GP practice and details of how to get registered.

Getting ill during the holidays

If you are returning home for a short time such as Christmas, Summer, Easter break  but are still a University of Derby student, there's no need to register at a practice local to your family home. If you become unwell or need other medical treatment when you're at home or not staying near your university GP, you can contact your nearest practice to ask for treatment. You can receive emergency treatment for 14 days. After that you will have to register as a temporary resident or permanent patient. Find out how to register as a temporary resident with a GP. You can also get 24/7 health aDvice and guidance by calling NHS 111.

Register with a dentist

Dental problems cannot be dealt with by doctors, so make sure you register with a local dentist. Not all treatment is free, even under the NHS. You may be able to apply for help with health costs, including prescriptions and dental care.

Find an NHS dentist

Get help with dental costs

Check your vaccinations

MenACWY vaccination

Students are now routinely offered a vaccination to prevent meningitis. The MenACWY vaccine protects against 4 different causes of meningitis and septicaemia: meningococcal (Men) A, C, W and Y diseases. All 17 and 18 year olds in school year 13 and first-time university students up to the age of 25 are eligible as part of the NHS vaccination programme. GP practices will automatically send letters inviting 17 and 18 year olds in school year 13 to have the MenACWY vaccine. But if you're a student going away to university or college for the first time, contact the GP you're registered with to ask for the MenACWY vaccine, ideally before the start of the academic year. This is because you'll be at particularly high risk in the first weeks of term, when you're likely to come into contact with many new people.

Mumps vaccination

Universities and colleges also advise students to be immunised against mumps before starting their studies. The MMR vaccine (for mumps, measles and rubella) is part of the routine NHS childhood immunisation schedule. This means most young people who've grown up in England will have had 2 doses of it in childhood. If you're not sure you've had 2 doses of the MMR vaccination, ask a GP for a catch-up vaccination.

Flu jab

Get an annual flu vaccination if you have asthma and take inhaled steroids. You should also get a flu vaccination if you have a serious long-term condition such as kidney disease.

Contraception and Sexual Health

Even if you do not plan to be sexually active while studying, it's good to be prepared. You can discuss forms of contraception with your GP.

The Sexual Health Team will visit the Kedleston Road campus periodically.

The student C-Card scheme is operated through the Union of Students at Kedleston Road. It offers a range of free condoms and lubes and advice about sex and relationships. To sign up online please fill in the form here.

Free and confidential home testing kits are available from Your Sexual Health Matters and their delivery partner SH:24. Once ordered, your kit is delivered discretely to your address for you to complete and send back. Simply return the completed kit via freepost and you receive your results in 3 working days of SH:24 receiving your completed kit.

To order a kit please visit the SH:24 website

If you would like to have an STI Screening in person and do not have any symptoms, Florence Nightingale Community Hospital Sexual Health Services offer ‘sit and wait’ drop in sessions

Please see the hospital website above for opening times. It is recommended that you get to the clinic early as it can get busy and there are limited slots to be seen. You can arrive at the clinic before it has opened, remember to take a ticket and fill out a form in preparation for the clinic to open as people are seen on a first come first serve basis.

If you would prefer to book an appointment or would like to access further information about emergency contraception or other services that are available please visit Your Sexual Health Matters or call 0800 3283383.

Find your local sexual health service

Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)

As a higher education student living in England, you can apply for a Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) if you have a:

The support you get depends on your individual needs and not on income.