The CRUSE Project

Developing the cross-cultural skills of graduates in response to the needs of the European Enterprise

About the CRUSE Project

The project aimed to develop the intercultural competencies of graduates and employees in Europe by enhancing the quality and relevance of their skills to enable them to be active professionals in the competitive European working environment.

The project investigated the perceived and actual intercultural competencies of graduates required by employers and then provided outputs that help address these needs.

The project responded to the European Commission’s (EC) Strategic Framework – Education and Training 2020 view, that there had been a lack of focus on the involvement of social institutions in the cross-cultural skill needs that companies have and on the effectiveness of investment in education and training in this area on business productivity.

The outputs of this project include:

  1. The competencies and skills report, which highlights the intellectual skills needed by employers and the competencies that students believe are important
  2. The Cross-cultural Competencies and Skills Development Toolkit, which includes a range of case studies and teaching materials
  3. The Cross-cultural Competencies and Skills Development Training Manual, which explains how educators and training managers can effectively utilize the teaching materials

The project outputs were designed to inform and support the educational and training practices of and be of value to, educators, training managers, employers, and students. The outputs are open-access and are available upon request:


If you wish to request any materials from the CRUSE Project, please contact Dr Sa'ad Ali on


The CRUSE project is being undertaken by five higher education institutions located within four European countries:

University of Derby, UK (Previously worked at University of Worcester, UK)
Dr Sa'ad Ali, Project Coordinator and Dr Robin Bell

London South Bank University, UK
Professor Karin Moser, Dr Rea Prouska and Dr May Tungtakanpoung

UC Leuven-Limburg, Belgium
Leieve Mulier, Inge Godts

Halmstad University, Sweden
Dr Fawzi Halila

Uludağ Universitesi, Turkey
Dr Mehlika Sarac and Olcay Bektas