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Designing a sustainable public transport system

Our students and staff are part of a team that is aiming to deliver sustainable public transport for Buxton. They are members of the Buxton Town Team, considering the design of delivery methods and implementing sustainable transport policies for those living, working and visiting in the town.

A cleaner environment

The team is working to deliver sustainable public transport by trying to make it easier for people to engage is 'socially acceptable public transport', such as walking or cycling. The aim is to improve co-operation and a cleaner town environment.

The group takes a responsible approach to improving resident, visitor and worker behaviour. They acknowledge that promoting wellbeing helps to make a transformation at a local level. Their aim is to create an environment that is fair for all and are setting an example by demonstrating the encouragement of activities such as cycling, walking and hiking. This works to inspire other communities who are developing these goals in their local areas.

Events have been organised to promote sustainable goals. These events include a bi-annual conference with the University and an annual celebration of Sustainable Development Goals in the Market Place in Buxton.

Community identity

Buxton is a transition town. It has a dedicated purpose in identifying community branding that reflects achievements in sustainable transport planning and health outcomes.

A transition town is a town in which local people are working to manage a form of sustainable governance. The onus is on local people to discuss and represent what actions they think should be taken in support of Sustainable Development Goals. The empowerment of local councils also works to improve the town's overall wellbeing as it places decisions that directly affects local residents into their own hands.

Buxton river in the daytime
The River Wye in Buxton

The future of local sustainability 

We are likely to see more communities using the knowledge and research that is collected in higher education institutes to enact effective measurement, management and monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals and wellbeing. This will become increasingly important if public sector funding prevents public sector governance teams from looking after certain roles in the future.

Grassroots organisation and local community groups will be platforms in which sustainable measures can best be implemented into local regions. The Buxton Town Team is helping to pave the way by providing a positive example of self-organised community development. 

What are Sustainable Development Goals?

In 2015, the United Nations created a set of Sustainable Development Goals that global communities were encouraged to support. The communities build capacity and share skills and knowledge to develop, then promote sustainable action across a wide range of contexts. Such contexts include health and wellbeing, consumption, climate change and sustaining and revitalising partnership for community and tourism development.

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