Student car parking

Students will be able to apply for 2024/25 permits from 12 August 2024

Permits are required to park at Kedleston Road. 

Derby City Council have launched a new parking permit for Markeaton Park with a limited number available at £10, which then provides access to parking within Markeaton Park at significantly reduced student parking rates.

Permits for eligible student parking at our Kedleston Road site are also open for application.

We encourage all students to consider more sustainable ways to travel than by car but appreciate that sometimes this might not be possible. All sites in Derby are within a short walk or cycle from each other and we encourage active travel where possible - earn rewards by walking or cycling through our scheme.

If you're a Blue Badge holder you can apply for a free Student Parking Permit.

Please remember that even with a permit, you are not guaranteed a space on-site. Due to limited availability, we cannot guarantee that there will be space available, even with a permit. Because of this, we ask that you do not pre-book your parking before your arrival on site. 

Costs £10 and provides access to reduced student tariff parking valid during teaching weeks, Monday to Friday

Working with Derby City Council, we are pleased to announce that we have a new parking permit available for University of Derby students to park at Markeaton Park car park during term times.

With a limited number of permits available, students can apply for this permit by visiting the Derby City Council MiPermit platform. The Markeaton Park car park permit will give you access to discounted tariff options at the car park through your MiPermit account. The vehicle registration(s) entered on your application will be the only vehicles that can take advantage of the discounted parking. The discounted tariffs available will be:

  • Up to 4 hours: £1.70 (usually £4.20)
  • Over 4 hours: £3.10 (usually £5.20)

You will need to provide proof of enrolment at the University, as well as proof of vehicle ownership. The documents accepted as proof of enrolment are as follows:

  • Letter of acceptance 
  • Course enrolment letter

The documents accepted as proof of vehicle ownership are:

  • The vehicle’s registration document
  • A current insurance certificate showing you as the policyholder or a named driver
  • In the case of a company car please provide a letter of authority from your employer

There will be a £10.00 administration fee for your application to be processed and once completed, you will have access to the discounted parking tariffs, only through the use of your MiPermit account. The debit/credit card you have used will not be charged until the evidence you have supplied has been checked and accepted by an authorised officer at Derby City Council.

If the information you have supplied is not correct, your application will be rejected, and you will be notified through the email address you have supplied to create your account. You will need to reapply and provide the correct information.

The University has no involvement in the issuing of parking fines at Markeaton Park so you’ll need to contact Derby City Council if you receive a fine for not paying for your stay.

Please familiarise yourself with the Markeaton Park student parking permit, terms and conditions before applying.

We have a limited number of spaces available for students to park at Kedleston Road. These will only be available to students who can demonstrate an exceptional need to park on-site.

Eligible students at the University of Derby will be able to apply for a permit that will allow access to park on-site at Kedleston Road. Payments for parking must be made via the MiPermit system.

You will need to apply for this permit via your MiPermit account and provide the relevant proof for each eligibility criteria. Once your application has been accepted, your vehicle registration will be recognised by the on-site ANPR camera automatically, and the barrier will raise to grant you access. You should then proceed to Car Park One and pay for your parking with MiPermit.

Non-permit holders are eligible to park after 4 pm but must pay via the MiPermit app.

The on-site parking tariffs are:

Monday to Friday, 8.30 am – 4.00 pm

  • Up to 1 hour: £1.00
  • Up to 4 hours: £2.70
  • Over 4 hours: £5.20

Weekend parking (free to permit holders otherwise the following charges apply)

  • Up to 2 hours: £2.00
  • 2 – 4 hours: £3.30
  • Over 4 hours: £4.40

There are four individual permit types available for each qualifying trait:

  1. Blue Badge or Medical Exemption permit
  2. Full-time with care commitments permit
  3. Part-time employed or with care commitments permit
  4. Pregnant (20 weeks+) permit

All permit types require you to provide proof of enrolment and proof of vehicle ownership, we accept the following documents as proof:

  • Proof of enrolment (a letter of acceptance from the university or a course enrolment letter)
  • Proof of vehicle ownership (motor insurance document showing your name and the vehicle registration or a V5C)

To apply for a Blue Badge or Medical Exemption permit, we accept the following documents as proof:

  • A photo of your Blue Badge showing the serial number or a medical letter from a medical professional stating the need for parking adjustments/assistance

To apply for a Full time with care commitments permit, we accept the following documents as proof:

  • Evidence of circumstances (child care/care commitments/care benefits letter)

To apply for a Part-time employed or with care commitments permit, we accept the following documents as proof:

  • Evidence of employment/care responsibilities

To apply for a Pregnant (20 weeks+) permit, we accept the following documents as proof:

  • MAT B1 form

If the information you have supplied is not correct, your application will be rejected, and you will be notified through the email address you have supplied to create your account. You will need to reapply and provide the correct information.

This permit allows you to park in the Student car park at Kedleston Road but you must still pay on the day. Fines are issued if you do not pay as well as having a valid permit displayed. We do not have student parking available at Markeaton Street, Britannia Mill, or One Friar Gate Square.

Motorbikes can park for free in the Motorcycle Shed and do not need a permit to park on-site at Kedleston Road. You can find more information on our motorbike parking page.

Please familiarise yourself with the Kedleston Road Student Parking Permit terms and conditions before applying.

Alternative Car Park Options

If you wish to drive to the University but do not want a Student Parking Permit here are some local parking alternatives to consider: 

Parking on Maxwell Avenue, adjacent to the University is resident permit ONLY and has double yellow lines. Parking in this area without the required residents permit is likely to incur a fixed penalty notice. We ask that all students be mindful of our 'be a good neighbour' campaign.

Please be aware that most streets close to the University of Derby are subject resident parking schemes with access controls and are enforced by the local authorities. Please familiarise yourself with the area before you park your car and remember it is an offence to drive in areas labelled 'Access Only'.

Find out more information on where street parking is permitted in Derby with prices and season ticket availability.

JustPark - The UK's leading parking website with over 150,000 parking spaces available to reserve online. They find their users the best value parking, including parking spaces on people's driveways, in hotels and at private car parks.

Parkopedia - Information about all parking facilities in the Derby area.

If you decide to bring your car and park off-site, please ensure that you park legally and considerately and are aware of any parking restrictions.

  • Don't park on junctions
  • Don't block driveways or dropped kerbs
  • Don't park in areas where there's limited space available for residents

We need our students' help and consideration with off-site parking as it impacts on local residents' perception of students and the University.

Motorcyclists are welcome at our Derby campus.  We appreciate the fact that motorcycles take up less parking space than cars, cause less congestion and give better journey times for riders.  Motorcycles can park for free in the Motorcycle covered bays at the top of Car Park 1 at Kedleston Road.  Motorcyclists do not need a permit for this, and do not need to pay and display. 

Frequently Answered Questions

How long will my application take?

After submitting your application you will receive notification as to whether your application is successful, within 2-3 working days.

I have a Kedleston Road parking permit, can I park at other sites? 

There's no student parking at either Britannia Mill or Markeaton Street sites with the exception of Blue Badge Holders. Permit holders should park at the Kedleston Road site. Britannia Mill and Markeaton Street are a 10/15 minute walk away.

I have a permit for Kedleston Road car park, do I always need to pay for my parking?

Yes, between 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday. You don't need to pay after 4.00pm or at weekends. Please pay via MiPermit in the usual way. Without paying, you risk being issued with a parking charge notice. The income generated from parking charges is used to invest in sustainable travel facilities.

Find out more about our sustainable travel plan

What happens if I don't pay and display at Kedleston Road?

You will receive a Parking Charge Notice (PCN). The PCN has an £80 fine, reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days. Details of methods of payments will be included with the PCN.

I am a Blue Badge holder, do I need a parking permit?

Yes, you will need a permit which will allow you to park at Kedleston Road, Britannia Mill and Markeaton Street sites. You do not need to pay for your parking. Parking permits are required to access the barrier system at Kedleston Road upon your arrival. The Kedleston Road site has a number of blue badge parking spaces located in Car Park One (nearest to the main entrance).

I have a Kedleston Road permit on medical grounds but do not have a Blue Badge, can I park in a disabled space?

No, you must use a normal space in the main student car park however you do not have to pay for your parking if you have a valid medical exemption permit. Only blue badge holders can park in a blue badge space. 

I've had an accident which has left me temporarily disabled and I need my car to get around, what can I do?

Contact your GP. Your doctor may be able to support your application for a parking permit or you may be able to provide medical evidence in support of your application. 

When will my permit be processed?

After submitting your application, you will receive notification to confirm whether it has been successful or not within 2-3 working days.

Who sets the price for the Markeaton Park Permits?

The cost is set by Derby City Council.

When are the Markeaton Park permits valid from?

The permits are valid during the full undergraduate teaching weeks for 2021/22 academic year, this begins on 20 September 2021. If you park before then, your permit will not be valid and you would need to pay and display. 

Where is the Markeaton Park car park?

It's a 10-15 minute walk from each of the Derby sites, accessed from Markeaton Roundabout (A38/A52 junction).

I have lectures late at night; I don't want to go back to Markeaton Park car park in the dark. What can I do?

Security measures for each car park have been put in place; High spec CCTV is installed at the Markeaton Park car park, high standard lighting, as well as Park Rangers and City Council parking staff regularly patrolling the area. Our own security team also regularly patrol between the sites.

Can I claim a refund if I no longer need my Markeaton Park and Ride permit?

Unfortunately, no refunds are available for Markeaton Park permits and they are non-transferable.

Am I guaranteed a space?

No - spaces are subject to availability at both Kedleston Road and Markeaton Park. Demand for car parking at Kedleston Road is high, we usually see the car park full from 9.00-9.30am on weekdays.

What do I do if I change my car?

You can update your car details through the MiPermit system with evidence of car ownership.

What if I have two or more cars?

You can have two cars on the Kedleston Road and Markeaton Park Permit. We will only issue one permit with both car details on and you will need to provide evidence of ownership for both vehicles. Only one car is permitted to park at any one time.

Why can't full-time students park on-site?

Car park spaces are limited and will be prioritised for disabled students/part-time students and those who meet our permit criteria. Everyone's circumstances will be different and we try to accommodate as best we can, being as fair as we can.

Why do you need to see insurance documents?

We need to ensure that the student applying for the permit is associated with the car. We treat your data with the strictest confidence under data protection guidelines and your information will not be shared with another.

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