Travelling To Derby By Bus

Unibus Travel is free for University of Derby Staff and Students with a valid ID card.


Unibus Timetables

No.4 Unibus 2018 timetable (Unibus 4)

Kedleston Road - Markeaton Park and Ride - Markeaton Street - Britannia Mill

No.6 Unibus 2018 timetable (Unibus 6)

Kedleston Road - Halls of Residence - Enterprise Centre - One Friar Gate Square - City Centre - Bus Station - Train Station

No.7 Unibus 2018 timetable (Unibus 7)

Kedleston Rd - Ashbourne Rd (St.Christophers Court) - Bridge Street (Princess Alice Court) 

No.8 Unibus 2018 Timetable (Unibus 8)

Overnight Service Alongside 24/7 Library Opening - Ked Rd to Halls 

Other buses to Derby Campus

690kpassengers in 2017/18

Following a review of the first year of operation of the Unibus as a free service, it has been decided that the Number 5 Unibus will be discontinued in order to allow further enhancements to the very popular Number 6 service. The free travel offered by the Unibuses has been a resounding success with students, seeing an increase in use of nearly 60% along the routes which serve our halls of residence.

Now that Lonsdale hall of residence has been sold, the Number 5 bus no longer serves any University student accommodation. In order to ensure that the University’s travel resources are best used to serve the largest number of people, these will instead be redirected to improve the Number 6 frequency and capacity, which has seen a huge increase in usage.

Students who currently live in private property on the route from the Rowditch will be able to walk to Friar Gate to catch a greatly enhanced Number 6 service, while students at St Christopher’s Court will still be able to catch the Number 7 service from opposite the Halls (20 minute service), or the Number 4 from outside Britannia Mill. Users of the current Number 5 service can make use of other high frequency public transport options which will connect with the Unibus Number 6 route.