Travelling to Derby by bus

Unibus travel is a more sustainable travel method than single-occupancy cars. Our buses run all year round, from a range of locations, across the city. 


It is important we keep bus travel safe and we all follow Covid-19 transport guidance:

  • Do not travel if you're feeling unwell or showing any of the Covid-19 symptoms
  • Face masks must be worn - please ensure you wear them for your entire journey
  • Some people can't wear a mask, please be supportive of those with a condition that makes them unable to do so
  • Our drivers are sat behind protective screens and do not need to wear a mask
  • To keep you safe we are continuing enhanced cleaning inside the buses
  • Make sure you wash your hands before and after travelling by public transport
  • Avoid travelling at peak times of the day
  • Walk or cycle if you can
  • When the bus has reached capacity it will say full on the route information sign on the front of the bus
  • Please allow space for passengers who are getting off before you board
  • Wheelchair spaces will be kept free, please ask the driver for any assistance
  • Give our drivers plenty of space
  • Open windows to assist with ventilation and maintain fresh airflow
  • Please follow this guidance to keep yourself and others safe and well


Unibus 1

U1 Timetable

Train Station - City Centre - Bridge Street - Kedleston Road Site.

Unibus 2

U2 Timetable

Kedleston Road Site - Markeaton Street Site - Britannia Mill - Kedleston Road Site.

Unibus Route Map 

Term Dates

Date from Date toService Type
20 September 2021 until 17 December 2021 Term time service
20 December 2021 until 23 December 2021 Holiday service
24 December 2021 until 4 January 2022 No service
4 January 2022 until 14 January 2022 Holiday service
17 January 2022 until 8 April 2022 Term time service
11 April 2022 until 14 April 2022 Holiday service
15 April 2022 until 19 April 2022 No service
20 April 2022 until 22 April 2022 Holiday service
25 April 2022 until 27 May 2022 Term time service
30 May 2022 until 17 June 2022 Study service
20 June 2022 onwards   Holiday service
780,000trips on Unibuses during the academic year 2018/19