Travelling to Derby by bus

Unibus travel is a more sustainable travel method than single-occupancy cars. Our buses run all year round, from a range of locations, across the city. 


It is important we keep bus travel safe and we all follow Covid-19 transport guidance:

  • Do not travel if you're feeling unwell or showing any of the Covid-19 symptoms
  • Face masks must be worn - please ensure you wear them for your entire journey
  • Some people can't wear a mask, please be supportive of those with a condition that makes them unable to do so
  • Our drivers are sat behind protective screens and do not need to wear a mask
  • To keep you safe we are continuing enhanced cleaning inside the buses
  • Make sure you wash your hands before and after travelling by public transport
  • Avoid travelling at peak times of the day
  • Walk or cycle if you can
  • When the bus has reached capacity it will say full on the route information sign on the front of the bus
  • Please allow space for passengers who are getting off before you board
  • Wheelchair spaces will be kept free, please ask the driver for any assistance
  • Give our drivers plenty of space
  • Open windows to assist with ventilation and maintain fresh airflow
  • Please follow this guidance to keep yourself and others safe and well


Unibus 1

U1 Timetable

Train Station - City Centre - Bridge Street - Kedleston Road Site.

Unibus 2

U2 Timetable

Kedleston Road Site - Markeaton Street Site - Britannia Mill - Kedleston Road Site.

Unibus Route Map 


780,000trips on Unibuses during the academic year 2018/19