Terms, conditions and regulations relevant to the issuing of Markeaton Park student parking permits

Markeaton Park Permit Terms & Conditions

Terms, conditions and regulations relevant to the issuing of student car parking permits at Markeaton Park


The University has established criteria against which it may be possible to issue permits to certain students. The criteria used have been evaluated as the fairest method for issuing permits within the confines of need, space, and resource.

The following criteria are in use currently, though they are subject to change in order that the University meets its objective (no hierarchical order):

To be issued with a car parking permit, a valid insurance certificate showing you as a named driver must be produced.

Permit expiry

The permit is valid as indicated by the expiry date.

Change of details 

It is a student’s responsibility to update any changes in details from that submitted on the application to MiPermit, especially changes that would materially alter the nature of the application, or the eligibility to continue to hold a permit. To change car details, a current Insurance certificate must be provided for your new vehicle. You must return your old permit.  A new permit will not be issued until these have been seen

Permit availability

These are extremely limited; therefore they will be issued on a first come first served basis and are non-refundable and non-transferable. Due to the limitation of permits, and close proximity of Halls of Residence, the University reserve the right to withhold sales to those living in Halls without reason or supporting evidence. Alternative transport is available.

Breaches in regulations

Permit holders are warned that breaches of these terms, conditions, and regulations may result in the revoking of the permit and disciplinary action in accordance with the University’s Regulations. 

Warning notices of such action will be issued in less serious instances, however the University reserves the right to take immediate action in cases involving health and safety, fraudulent applications, or misuse of the permit and the car park.

The Markeaton Park Car park is a Derby City Council car park failure to comply with the Markeaton Park and Ride permit Terms and Conditions will result in a parking fine being issued. The University of Derby cannot accept any responsibility for this and have no role in getting PCN's appealed.