Category: Wellbeing

Ioana Bactu in the Seasons room at the University of Derby in front of an open MacBook

Ioana outlines her various coping mechanisms for studying at home rather than on campus during the COVID-19 campus closures.

A student sat in front of a Mac

MA Creative Writing student Laura talks about moving to online study at the University of Derby.

Headshot of student Arvin Johal

Arvin shares his daily routine and how he maintains a healthy work-life balance when studying from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scrabble tiles laid out to spell mental health

Kirsten McEwan, Senior Research Fellow in Compassion Mental Health and Wellbeing at the University of Derby, explores ways to focus on your wellbeing during this time and the good things that are taking place around you.

Maths equations and diagrams on a blue background

Dr Tom Hunt, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Derby, gives advice on how to understand the numerical data and manage emotional responses during the coronavirus pandemic.

Two smiling women at an event in the University of Derby atrium

Sarah outlines how inclusivity, diversity and acceptance play a role in everyday life both on and off campus.

Laura Stroud standing in front of a wooden front door with potted bushes either side

Laura Stroud describes her experience of studying a postgraduate course and how she discovered a new-found sense of belonging.

Smiling woman holding an iPad in one hand and raising the other arm in joy

Emma Rodrigues, Occupational Therapy student, has immersed herself in every opportunity that's come her way, and sourced many more. Emma shares her experiences of studying abroad, volunteering, presenting at conferences, and being a society advocate.

Joel Chidley sits in kitchen. He wears a polo shirt and there is a shelf on the wall behind him.

Dr Joel Chidley, Lecturer in Exercise Physiology at the University of Derby, offers advice on keeping active during the coronavirus lockdown.

A small child looking out of a window

Professor Frances Maratos, Associate Professor of Emotion Science at the University of Derby, offers suggestions on how to help children manage their worries about COVID-19 and self isolation.