Category: Wellbeing

Person sitting cross legged and meditating next to a lake

Miles Richardson, Professor of Human Factors and Nature Connectedness at the University of Derby, explains new research has shown that having a close connection with the natural world is a key to us feeling passionate about our environment and better about ourselves too.

People browsing displays at Derby Museum

Undergraduate student Nigel Duffus shares his top five places to visit in Derby City when he's not studying.

White alarm clock in black and white

Dr William Van Gordon, Associate Professor in Contemplative Psychology at the University of Derby, discusses the importance of sleep and shares top tips to help improve sleep quality.

Hammer and gloves and metrial

There is a silent danger that lingers on a building site. Yasuhiro Kotera, Academic Lead in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychology, explores the mental health challenges that construction workers face.

Dr Dean Fido, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby Online Learning, discusses 'Ikigai' the Japanese construct of having purpose in life as a means of protecting against suicide.

Dr William Van Gordon, Associate Professor at the University of Derby Online Learning, discusses how spiritual awareness has diminished, leading to an increase in major environmental and socioeconomic issues, as well as public health issues on a global emergency scale.

Scrabble letters reading anxiety

Joanna Baker, Therapist and Psychoeducation Coordinator at the University of Derby, shares insight into what anxiety is and what can be done to manage it.

Student rests their head on a table covered in papers.

Good physical health and psychological wellbeing is a top priority for students. It helps you perform at optimum mental capacity. Here are Nigel's top tips.

Tamzin at the Forum in Rome

Student Tamzin Burch went to Italy as part of the International Travel Awards scheme. Here, she tells us how the trip affected her.

an open laptop with a cup of coffee, notebook and mobile phone sitting next to it on a desk

All students are assigned a personal tutor when they start at the University of Derby, so you can be assured you’ve always got someone to turn to. Wondering what personal tutors do and how can they help? Let Simona Velcovska explain.