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Person with a hat and yellow flower

Simona Velcovska offers her top tips to mental health self-care while you enjoy your university journey.

Measuring a body with tape

Joanna Baker, Therapist and Psychoeducation Coordinator at the University of Derby, explains how our thoughts and feelings on body image can affect us.

Studen in halls with a box of belongings smiling

Most prospective students are worried about starting university. Here, student Tamzin Burch discusses how to deal with anxiety about living in halls.

Person using a laptop at a desk.

Yasuhiro Kotera, University of Derby Academic Lead in Psychotherapy, looks at how online learning can improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

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Mental health in the workplace is high on the national agenda. Yasuhiro Kotera, Academic Lead in Psychotherapy at the University of Derby, looks at how NLP can help.

Person sat down with knees up and clasped hands

Therapist and Psychoeducation Coordinator Joanna Baker, from the University of Derby, shares her insight and methods to combat stress.

Scrabble letters reading time for change

Dr. Fiona Holland, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, looks at how motivational interviewing can help people make positive changes.

Text I Love Me illuminated with a heart.

Dr William Van Gordon, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby Online, examines how we can be addicted to ourselves, and puts readers to the test.

Blackboard that reads 'stop the stigma - mental health problem'

Around 25% of university students experience mental health problems. Could self-compassion be the key to coping with shame arising from stigma?

Student, Tamzin Burch, describes how she settled into her new life in Derby.