Category: Wellbeing

Person sitting with their head in their hands.

To coincide with Stress Awareness Month, Yasuhiro Kotera, talks about the mental health of students in the caring professions. 

Children playing in the snow

Fiona Holland and Caroline Harvey, Lecturers in Psychology at the University of Derby, discuss why parents should encourage their children to play outside.

person meditating with flowers in background

The global wellness industry is reportedly worth a staggering $3.7 trillion, provides 3.2 million jobs a year and constitutes 2.1% of the world economy.

A person behind a pile of books

Mari Olan, International Student, has first-hand experience of studying abroad and feeling homesick. Here she gives some tips on how to beat homesickness.

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Yoga pose near the water

Sian Davies-Vollum, Lecturer in Geoscience and Yoga Teacher of 16 years, discusses the health benefits of taking up yoga.

A person standing in front of mountains

Jane Montague, Head of Psychology at the University of Derby, discusses whether decluttering the space around you can help declutter your mind.

A bee on a flower

Dr Miles Richardson, Director of Core Psychology Programmes for the University of Derby Online Learning, explains how people can become closer to nature.

Alarm Clock showing 7:00

To mark Sleep Awareness Week 2017, Gareth Hughes, Researcher and Psychotherapist at the University of Derby, gives advice on how to improve your sleep.

Artwork of a women of colour

Ahead of Mother’s Day, Susan Hogan, Professor in Therapeutic Arts, explains how taking up art can help women come to terms with being a new mum, help prevent postnatal depression and give their children the best start in life.