Category: Wellbeing

Top down of a desk with a coffee and a laptop with somebody typing

A detailed account of a disabled mature student's experience of starting university.

Two females laughing at each other

Research by University of Derby Online alumna Freda Gonot-Schoupinsky led to the Laughie, a new way of improving wellbeing by encouraging people to laugh. In this blog, she explains why it is smart to laugh.

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Dr William Van Gordon, Associate Professor at the University of Derby looks at why psychological wellbeing should be included in Coronavirus Action Plan.

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As we approach The National Day of Unplugging, a 24-hour period over 6-7 March which encourages people to unplug and do things other than using their electronic devices, Dr Tariq Abdullah, Academic Lead in Computing and IT at the University of Derby highlights the value of disconnecting from digital devices.

A dance instructor leads a large outdoor class

Yasuhiro Kotera, Academic Lead in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychology at the University of Derby and psychological consultant Nataliya Braun explore the influence of dance on embodied self-awareness and wellbeing.

A woman offering her hand to a small child who is hiding her face in her hands

Dr Emma Sharpe, Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Derby, looks at why we continue to underestimate the importance of emotion given its clear link to both the onset and maintenance of eating disorders.

A woman in a grey hoodie smiling at a man with his back to the camera in Seasons at the University of Derby

Despite suffering with her mental health, Annaline took advantage of the University's support services, challenged herself and exceeded her own expectations.

Person sitting cross legged and meditating next to a lake

Miles Richardson, Professor of Human Factors and Nature Connectedness at the University of Derby, explains new research has shown that having a close connection with the natural world is a key to us feeling passionate about our environment and better about ourselves too.

People browsing displays at Derby Museum

Undergraduate student Nigel Duffus shares his top five places to visit in Derby City when he's not studying.

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Dr William Van Gordon, Associate Professor in Contemplative Psychology at the University of Derby, discusses the importance of sleep and shares top tips to help improve sleep quality.