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Moving to online study

By Laura Stroud - 19 May 2020

Moving to online study

I shop online, bank online, and use the online library, so moving to online studying wasn’t too much of a leap.

Remote study

My lecturers have been really incredible about transitioning to this new way of working. We are always kept up to date with plans via email and I’ve really enjoyed my online lectures, they feel even more personal somehow. We’ve even delivered presentations from home and it was great to see everyone share what they’ve been working on.

To support our studies, we also have a Facebook group and WhatsApp chat group, these allow everyone on the course to keep in touch really easily. We ask each other questions about work or share ideas and notes on what we’ve been reading.

My course online

As part of our course we do lots of “workshopping”, this used to involve weekly meetups in a small group, within days of the University closing our lecturer set this up via Facebook and the Uni Collaborate tool. It has been a seamless transition into online studying and we still “meet” weekly. The Uni Collaborate tool is great, it’s a bit like Zoom, but you can have your whole class in the meeting. You can also use this tool even when there is no class scheduled and ‘meet’ with people from your course to do work.

One-to-one support

The one to one support from my personal tutor and lecturers has been great too. I arranged a time with my personal tutor to call and we talked through this term’s goals and plans. Another one of my lecturers has looked over my work and sent back changes, I’ve even been offered one-to-one tutorials via phone, email, or online. I feel like there are so many options, it’s really flexible depending on what works best for you what and you’re comfortable with.I’ve really enjoyed studying remotely. I used to travel two hours each way on the bus to uni, so I feel like I’ve gained even more time to catch up on my reading, as I’m not commuting. Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned quite a lot about studying from home and how to make the best of it.

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