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Studying from home

Circumstances never stay static, they are always evolving, and the current global situation is a prime example of this.

When the Covid-19 situation first hit the UK and my University campus had to close, I knew that adapting to the current situation was vital to my studies. Initially, I felt stressed, worried, and anxious about studying from home. However, I didn't let these feelings take over.

By Arvin Johal - 19 May 2020

When I first began studying from home, I found it very unusual and found myself becoming easily distracted as I was in an environment that I was familiar with which made me more relaxed and at ease. Although it was easy to get distracted by my phone and games console, I decided to turn them off, which resulted in me being engrossed in my studies for hours.

I had tested a few methods of being productive and found a good balance. Here is my daily routine, I hope by sharing this that you find some inspiration to help improve your own virtual learning environment:

By embracing change and adapting to the current environment, I am working more effectively and developing new skills such as working online, which will be extremely useful when going into the workplace.

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Arvin Johal
BA (Hons) Business Management student

I am studying a BA (Hons) Business Management CMI Accredited degree. I am a Marketing Representative and I work with those in the Marketing department to come up with new and innovative ways of marketing the University. This involves participating in photo shoots used for marketing materials digitally for the University, as well as creating vlogs and blogs for the University.