Why the turtle?

You may have noticed that the University of Derby turtle appears in many of our adverts around the world. But do you know why?

Scientific models suggest that 90% of the planet's coral reefs will be extinct by 2030.

Although the University of Derby is not by the coast, Michael Sweet, Professor of Molecular Ecology, has developed a pioneering technique which coaxes corals to reproduce. In the wild, corals spawn once a year at night just after a full moon. These baby corals can then be transferred onto damaged reefs, paving the way for international conservation efforts and ultimately saving precious marine life, including the beloved turtle.

Our students are at the heart of this project and are working alongside academic researchers to share this important knowledge with other organisations and institutions across the world. This research will have a game-changing impact on coral reef restoration.

The turtle symbolises our research ethos to build a better future for everyone, and this image acts as a constant reminder that through our work we are making a powerful, direct and measurable impact on the world.

The University of Derby is turning the tide in the world of aquatic research. The story of coral spawning, which took place at our Aquatic Research Facility, was recently featured in The Times. Our research is also having an impact in health, long-Covid, the arts, criminology, psychology, energy, law, artificial intelligence and many other fields.

The future is you.

Person looking into fishtanks in the Aqua Research Facility

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Our Aquatic Research Facility offers our students a unique opportunity to participate in high-level research and work with some of the world leaders in the field of aquarium and zoo research.

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