Your guide to enrolment and induction

Before your studies begin, you will need to set up your University account, access your student portal (UDo) and start the online enrolment, if you're an on-campus student.

If you're an online student, please use the enrolment guide for online students

If you're a returning student, please go directly to UDo and click on the "My Student Record" tile to start online enrolment.

Follow these easy steps to start your university journey.

You will receive an email titled ‘It’s time to set up your university account’ from You may need to check your spam filters and junk email.

This email will be sent when you’ve met all the conditions of your course (known as unconditional firm status). It contains instructions for creating your student account.

Please engage with this email as soon as possible. Not doing so may delay enrolment onto your course and access to the systems. Setting up your password should take about 10-15 minutes.

Set up your password

Once you have created your password, you will be asked to enter contact details in our password reset system. This information will ensure that you do not get locked out of your account in the future.

Further support with password creation or the password reset steps is available in the password reset guide.

UDo is your student portal. This can be accessed with your student ID number and university systems password after you have submitted your contact details.

Access UDo

UDo contains information, advice and services to support your university experience. Familiarise yourself with the information tiles available to view. 

More tiles will be available to view as you progress through enrolment, induction, and the welcome journey.

What’s in UDo?

On UDo you can:

  • Upload your photo for your University ID
  • Find information to help you get started
  • Access student wellbeing guidance and support
  • Find information about your Union of Students 
  • Access your university induction through the Blackboard (Course Resources) tile. Please allow 24/48 hours after your password has been created for the Blackboard tile to appear

Invitation to enrol

You will receive an email titled ‘Invitation to enrol online at the University of Derby.'

New students  - this will be sent to the email address you provided during the admissions process. Please let us know if this email address needs updating by using our enquiry form.

Returning students - we’ll email your Unimail address.

If you’re completing a placement year, you’re not expected on campus for enrolment but you’re still required to enrol online.

Watch our video on how to enrol

Module selection

You will be automatically enrolled on your core modules. These can be viewed on the enrolment summary page at the end of online enrolment.

Module selection should be discussed with an appropriate academic each year to make the right choice for your individual study. 

New students - if applicable, an opportunity to discuss module selection will be included within your programme induction.

Returning students – if you have an active refer or defer against a module from a previous academic year, you don’t need to re-enrol on that module(s).

If you cannot see the module you need on the module selection page, please complete online enrolment and then contact us using the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.

If you are unsure about your module choices, please contact your relevant College Student Centre or academic for guidance.

Online enrolment

Accept the terms and conditions. This link will open a new page, so you may need to allow pop-ups to enable this. Once opened, please read the terms and conditions before closing the page. You can then return to accept the terms and conditions before continuing to enrol online.

There will then be a series of pages, where you will have the opportunity to check your personal information and your programme details. If you need to update your programme details, please contact us using the enquiry form.

Completing enrolment is really important, so please contact us if you are experiencing any problems. 

Your induction process is in two parts: University Induction and programme (course) induction. These can be accessed through the ‘Blackboard (Course Resources)’ tile on the UDo student portal. Allow 24/48 hours after password creation for access to the tile.

University Induction

The University Induction is accessed through Blackboard (Course Resources) and provides insight into studying at Derby, thesupport services available, the Union of Students, and UoD Sport and Physical Activity opportunities. You will also receive study advice and top tips from current students.

You can work through the University Induction material in your own time. Some units are useful to read before you begin your studies, and some will be more relevant when your programme has started. You can return to the content at any point in your academic year. Explore the units, taking note of what you need and what you believe will be most helpful to you.

How do I find it?

The University Induction is located within ‘Blackboard (Course Resources)’ tile in UDo:

  • Click on your ‘Courses/Modules’ folder on the left-hand column
  • Click on the folder titled 'University Induction'  

Programme (course) Induction

Your programme induction is different to the University Induction and introduces the programme and what can be expected, alongside all the important people you will be working with: academics; staff in your College, School and Department; and students who will study and live alongside you. It is a key opportunity to start making connections with other students. 

Your programme induction will include a range of online and on-campus activities to help you settle in and feel at home.

As part of the Welcome journey, it is very important for you to attend your programme induction.

How do I find it?

The programme induction is located within Blackboard (Course Resources) tile on UDo:

  • Click on ‘Programmes and Organisations’ (if you're using the app click on the 'More' tab at the bottom)
  • Click on the name of your course 
  • Select the 'Organisation Content' folder
  • Select the folder titled ‘Student Induction January 2023’
  • In the folder, click on either ‘New Students’ or ‘Returning Students’, depending on your status

Here you will find your induction information, your programme induction schedule and any specific learning materials. This will provide you with guidance to help you through your first few weeks with us.

We will continue to update the programme induction area as the full programme of sessions, events and activities are confirmed, so keep an eye out for future developments. 

If you are starting an Online Learning course, please contact the  University of Derby Online Learning directly.

If you are not a British or Irish passport holder, you will be required to have a student visa, other UK visa category or permission in order to study in the UK with our University. You will need to complete the Right to Study checks with the International Team of the University by providing documents to prove your Right to Study.

Find out more about the Right to Study

As part of your registration we will need to check proof of your identity. This is University policy and student sector guidance from the Office for Students.  

University staff will complete a proof of identity verification check.  Please bring your photo identification when arriving on campus.  Failure to complete this will cause delays in confirming your enrolment and receiving your Unicard.    

Please note that all students are required to provide identification. This is a separate process and not part of any other onboarding or right to study checks.  

Proof of accepted identity identification 

  • Current signed passport 
  • Current UK or EEA photocard driving licence 
  • National identity card bearing a photograph of the applicant 
  • Residence permit issued by the Home Office to EEA nationals on sight of own country passport 
  • Photographic registration cards for self-employed individuals in the construction industry –CIS4 
  • A birth certificate is acceptable, providing a proof of address is provided as well 

Unfortunately we cannot accept  

  • Provisional driving licence 
  • Mobile phone bills 
  • Credit card statements 

If you cannot provide a proof of identity for any reason, please provide 2 forms of accepted address identification. The address on this identification needs to match the home or term address registered with the University. 

 If for any reason your proof of identity name does not match the address registered on your student account, please bring a second form of identification alongside your photo identification. For example, deed poll / marriage certificate/ birth certificate.   

If your photo is out of date, please bring a secondary form of identification. This could be confirmation of your home or term time address.   

Further details on accepted forms of ID as proof of identify or proof of address 

Please note that the identification check does not include right to study checks. If you are required to have a right to study check you will have recevied a seperate email. 

New students - Once you have enrolled online, completed the proof of identity checks and made any relevant payments we we will be able to confirm your enrolment. This officially registers you as a student and we will confirm your registration with Student Finance if applicable. You can also visit enrolment support during Welcome Week for assistance with your enrolment and to collect your Unicard. 

You can visit the following locations for any enrolment queries, to complete your enrolment and collect your Unicard. 

  • Kedleston Road Library – Monday 27th February 2023 
  • Chesterfield St Helena - Tuesday 28th February 2023

If you're an international student, please make sure you've completed your right to study checks. All students must bring photo identification so your enrolment can be confirmed.

Returning students - you do not need to come onto campus to be registered as a student. Your enrolment will be confirmed once you have enrolled online and completed all relevant enrolment steps. 

Payment information prior to enrolling

If you are a self-funding full-time Undergraduate UK and EU student, you do not need to pay a deposit or make any payments until you have completed your enrolment.  

If you are a self-funding part-time Undergraduate UK and EU student, you will need to pay 25% of any autumn or through modules (modules that are delivered across the year) before completing enrolment.  

If you are a self-funding Postgraduate UK and EU student, you will need to pay 25% of any autumn or through modules before completing enrolment.  

International and EU Students need to make an advance payment of £3000 before enrolment can be confirmed (discounts are available if you wish to pay for the full course in advance of enrolment).    

If you are being sponsored by an organisation or employer, evidence needs to be submitted to 

Learn more about making a payment

Completing enrolment is really important, so please contact us if you are experiencing any problems.

Confirmation of Enrolment

Once we have officially registered you as a student, you will receive a confirmation of enrolment email. This is your proof that we have officially registered you as a student with us, so please keep it safe. This email will be sent to your unimail email address. 

Sponsored Students

You are a sponsored student if all or part of your tuition fees will be funded by an official financial sponsor.

An official financial sponsor includes the UK government, your home country’s government, the British Council or any international organisation, international company, university, or Independent School.

If a sponsor is covering your course fees and living costs, you will need to provide a letter that contains:

Your official financial sponsor will need to write to us on headed paper to confirm their intention to fully or partly fund your studies. We have created a sponsorship letter template to make it easy for your sponsor to write the letter of sponsorship.

Please send a copy of the letter of sponsorship to

Student sits across the table from another person, smiling.

Enrolment: Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to emailing our enrolment team, please check our FAQs. You will find answers to our most frequently asked questions such as how to change your password or how to amend your student record.

Find out more about enrolmentFind out more about enrolment

Enrolment and induction enquiries

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