UDo - Your Online Portal

UDo is your online portal to the systems and services available to you throughout your studies at the University of Derby. 

Go to udo.derby.ac.uk or download the 'DerbyUni' app from your device’s app store. 

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After you have created your Uni account, you can sign into UDo with your:

Username: [StudentNumber]@unimail.derby.ac.uk

Password: Usual Uni Password

UDo gives you easy access to key services such as:  

UDo also lets you: 

…and lots more! 

Not much time? Click ‘Search’ to quickly find what you need.  

Personalise your UDo experience 

The tiles you see in UDo will be relevant to your welcome journey and experience as a student, so you might have slightly different tiles from other students.  

To further customise your homepage you can: