Online Study Enrolment Guide

This page provides tips and support for students enrolling onto online programmes. If you are studying an on campus programme, please contact your College Student Centre.

If your application for one of our online learning courses is successful, we will email you with an invitation to enrol.

Enrolment for the online learning courses, is the process where you will select which modules you intend to study and make, accept the Terms and Conditions any required payments. Enrolment for the online learning courses, happens around four to six weeks before the start of the term.

Enrolment dates and deadlines

Once you have received your invitation to enrol, you will need to ensure you submit your enrolment in time for your studies.

Our aim is to support all students to have the best possible opportunities to succeed and so our application and enrolment deadlines are in place to ensure you stand the best chance of doing so. To join the programme any later would be detrimental to your success and adversely impact your assessment outcomes. It is therefore vital that you take note of the dates below and ensure you submit your enrolment in time.

So it is best to complete your enrolment as soon as you are invited, but here are the final deadlines:

IntakeEnrolment deadline
September 2021 22 September 2021
January 2022 26 January 2022
May 2022 25 May 2022

You must ensure you have completed the following by the enrolment deadline:

Please note that if you are applying for RPL, this can take up to 2 months and so if you do not have an existing RPL application before you commence enrolment, then you may need to defer to the next intake. Read more about the RPL process and associated deadlines.

Selecting your modules

During online enrolment process, you will be asked to select the modules you intend to study during the current academic year (September to July). It is useful for you to consider your module selection before you begin your online enrolment, this will enable you to select the correct modules from the options available.

Some programmes will have fixed study patterns and some programmes will contain optional module choices.

In addition, you will also need to consider whether you intend to study the standard rate (one module per trimester) or the accelerated rate (two modules per trimester), if that is an option available for your programme.

Standard rate of study

If you intend to study one module per term, you will need to review the study pattern for your programme and identify either your fixed module or your choice from the optional modules available for the forthcoming trimester.

For example, for the Spring trimester, using the study pattern below, there is only one module option to choose from - Computing Technologies in Society. However, for Summer, you would need to choose one module from the Option B Module list. The module list will be included on the study pattern page for your programme.

Example of a computing study pattern

Accelerated rate of study

Some programmes will have offer an accelerated rate of study, two modules per term.

If you intend to undertake the accelerated rate of study, you will need to follow the process outlined above, but identifying two modules per term as indicated in the accelerated study pattern for your programme – if one is available.

For example, for the Spring trimester, using the study pattern below, you would need to choose two modules from the Option B Module list.

For Summer, there is one module fixed option, Independent Study, and so you would choose this along with one module from the Option A Module list. The list of options is available on the study pattern page for the programme.

Example of a nursing study pattern

Please be aware with the accelerated study rate that this does equate to 40 hours of study per week and so you will need to ensure you have capacity to undertake this. We would recommend that you start your studies on the standard rate and you can then make an informed decision as to whether you move to the accelerate rate of study in the future.

How to enrol

Password creation

Prior to enrolment, you will be emailed instructions on how to set up your university password. This will be sent to the personal email account that you provided when you applied. This password will be used throughout your study, including enrolment.

New students will be sent an email (to your personal email account) inviting you to enrol online. This email will include your username and a link to enrolment. Your username will always be your student ID number and the password will be the one you set up as per the instructions above.

Returning students will be sent 2 emails as follows:

Returning students can use their existing password – or use the Password Manager reset facility if your current password isn't working.

Online enrolment

Making a payment

To complete your enrolment, you will also need to make a payment (if you are self-funded) or provide your SFE or sponsorship evidence.

If you are paying for your own studies, it is important you consider the following:

Please refer to the guidance on Paying for an online course and the Sponsorships and Funding information if these are relevant to you.

After you have enrolled

Once your enrolment is submitted and your payment is in place, the Enrolment Team will check your enrolment and follow up with you if there are any queries on your module selection or payment.

It is essential that you enrol by the deadline to ensure any queries can be clarified ahead of the start of term and so not cause any delays to you commencing your studies.

If there are no queries, your enrolment will be confirmed and you will receive an automated email to advise you of this. This email will include details of your next steps to start your studies.

Please note that it can take 48 hours from the point your enrolment is confirmed for this email to be sent to you and so you can also find online on our Preparing for your studies page.

Missed the deadline

We enrol students 3 times a year and so if you have missed an enrolment deadline then you may be able to carry your application and enrolment over to the next intake. We will be in touch with you to move your application over if this is suitable.

We will not allow enrolments to take place after the final enrolment deadline as this will limit the amount of time you have to study the module and so, ultimately, have a detrimental impact on your learning and your success.

It is therefore vital that you ensure you submit your enrolment, and ensure payment is in place, ahead of the enrolment deadlines if there is a particular intake you are intent on joining.

Contact details

All queries for full time, on-campus study should be directed to the appropriate College Student Centre.

If you are a new student studying fully online, please contact:

For New Students please contact

If you are a returning student studying fully online, please contact