Accredited online courses

More accredited online courses than anyone else

Professional bodies have accredited more of our online programmes than they have for any other higher education provider in the UK. This shows that our courses help you meet professional standards just as much as academic ones. After all, we recognise that most people are taking a course to advance their career.

Why it's a good thing

Professional accreditation is a quality assurance process. External bodies representing a certain profession (such as managers, engineers, nurses, psychologists) review our courses and degrees to decide whether industry standards have been met.

They are looking to see whether the course prepares somebody to work competently in a particular field. If it does, they will accredit it.

You will usually need to study a professionally-accredited course if you want to attain a professional status, such as Chartered Engineer or Chartered Manager. Accredited courses may also include an additional professional qualification, which gives your CV an added boost.

Our accredited courses

We have a large number of accredited online courses, in subjects such as: 

These are accredited by bodies such as the Royal College of Nursing, The British Psychological Society and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

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Other reasons to study with us

As well as having lots of professionally-accredited courses, we are among the UK's top teaching universities and have almost 20 years of online learning experience behind us.

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