Kate's nursing journey - a poem

One day whilst pondering about my career,
My mother persisted that I’d face my fear.

The fear was faeces, urine, blood and gore,
And sputum coughed up over a hospital floor.

She said ‘nursing is the most rewarding job ever to be known’
I just replied with a teenage-sounding groan.

After mundane days of excel spreadsheets,
Mum took me to Derby uni, bribing me with treats.

Inspired by the stories, generosity and laughter,
UCAS was on the cards, and a pint of beer after.

Not long after, I enrolled onto what would be
The start of a flourishing and bright career for me.

Several hours of studying for exams,
Learning the conversion rate from milligrams to grams.

Placement began, not knowing what will be,
With no care experience, I began to worry.

The weeks flew by dressed in white,
And I knew that this choice just felt right.

I’d come home and search the medical conditions,
Expanded my knowledge to work with physicians.

Transferring the skills learned in the classroom,
My mentors witnessed my confidence bloom.

Patients, colleagues and everyone in-between,
Caring for someone with a different kind of gene.

Individuals with a ruptured spleen,
And hospital beds that we have to clean.

Kindly brushing a patient’s hair,
Ensuring they’re comfortable sat in their chair.

The team of nurses I worked with combat the wards,
Treating all patient and families just like they’re Lords.

We don’t do it for the money or fame,
We do it for the 96-year-old who can’t remember her name.

The little girl who fell off her scooter,
And you tell her the pink cast will definitely suit her!

The mourning mother Katie,
Who recently lost her baby.

The patient’s family who are all distraught,
Offering your care and empathy that you’ve brought.

You know what it’s like to lose someone close,
And give that patient their very last dose.

It’s not easy and sometime it’s hard,
To give your care to those who are scarred.

Those initial emotions of worries and fears,
Disappeared more throughout the years.

It was March 2020, the ending was in sight,
The beginning of third year, the future looked bright.

A virus appeared, attacking the NHS,
What seemed to be so good, turned into a mess.

The anxiety was high among all of us in class,
Some of us felt like we were never going to pass.

We worked through the pandemic, invisible soldiers in white,
Helping and assisting nurses with this colossal fight.

Although I felt alone without seeing my classmates,
The University provided online times and dates.

To ensure we felt OK and look after ourselves,
Offering support and advice that you can’t find on the shelves.

This pandemic influenced my literature review,
Caring for Covid positive patients who were feeling rather blue.

No visiting times and face masks had to be worn,
Gloves, aprons and excessive PPE was now the new norm.

The online catch up sessions at uni was the highlight for me,
Discussing our week’s stresses during placement time with a cup of tea.

Now I’m near the end and everything’s signed,
With just one last maths exam and we’ve finished the grind!

The toughest three years that I’ve endured,
I’ve grown, I’ve blossomed and I’ve matured.

The feeling that I get, making my patient’s smile,
Makes this university journey all worthwhile.

I inspire those who feel curious, lost or unsure,
To give nursing a go, it might be your cure.

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