Jessica's story video transcript

Jessica Lucas, BA (Hons) Marketing, PR and Advertising:

"My A-levels didn't go exactly as planned and it left me doubting my abilities. But my friends encouraged me to apply to university anyway. My aim in life is to be happy: I want to explore everything the world has to offer, make a difference, and find something I'm passionate about."

During the voiceover, we see shots of:

"When I was choosing the University I was really inspired by the opportunities available for Derby students - opportunities that will enhance their employability. My Personal Academic Tutor encouraged me to find myself and be flexible with my vision.

At Derby, I've been able to try different areas of marketing which has inspired me to find which industry I would like to go into. For example, my interest in business to business (B2B) has led me to work as a Social Media Assistant at the University. I'm expanding my skills every day and I'm loving every minute. Everyone I have met at Derby have been really supportive and encouraged me to be me - it's brought out my natural abilities and helped me to build my confidence. I'm excited to find out what the future holds."

The video ends with an image of the three peaks University logo.

Jessica's story video

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