Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering video transcript

The Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering was established in 2014. Since then we've come a long way.

We've outreached to some 500 SME's in the region, enabling those businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, in manufacturing, helping them innovate new products and processes, and all aligned to the low carbon agenda.

So, an example is a flagship programme called DE-Carbonise. This is a multimillion pound programme, funded under the European Regional Development Fund, and is a partnership with Derby City Council, Derby County Council and the University of Derby.

An example of how we decarbonise products and processes, is by additive manufacturing. This is a new method of making things, and we have here, within the Institute,
an entire additive manufacturing workflow, capable of delivering an end-to-end solution to businesses in the region.

This workflow was developed in-house using IISE assets and resources.
It demonstrates the end-to-end process of fabrication of an Oil Lube Connector, provided to us by an energy company.

Using reverse engineering, this part was redesigned, optimised, And then 3D printed, following which, it was tested within The parameters of its purpose.

For more information, follow the De-Carbonise link, and you'll be directed to the DE-Carbonise webpage. And to express your interest, fill in the form at the bottom, someone from our team will be in touch with you.

Institute for Innovation in Sustainable Engineering video

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