Postgraduate research students

Emma sitting down, smiling, wearing glasses.
Postgraduate Research Student

Emma is a postgraduate researcher in Health Psychology at the University of Derby. Her research reflects her passion for working in and improving end-of-life care, focusing on healthcare professionals’ experiences of patient death and subsequent development of death competency.

Jenny standing to the right wearing glasses.
Senior Project Manager/​Postgraduate Research Student

Jenny is a Postgraduate Research Student at the University of Derby. She has spent the last 22 years working for companies involved in research and development and consultancy, mainly in the rail industry.

Postgraduate Research Student

Annabel is a postgraduate research student and registered nurse with 30 years of experience; her clinical background is predominantly acute with over ten years in Intensive Care. 

Vic Curtis teaching an enterprise and entrepreneurship class
Course Director - Derby Business School

Vic Curtis is DBS Course Director, Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and Subject Leader for Joint Honours Business Enterprise pathway. He encourages students to take a more enterprising approach to their studies to achieve the best outcomes possible. Vic has worked in the sugar industry, held senior sales and marketing positions and started his own consultancy business.

Ian Danton in his graduation cap and gown
Postgraduate Research Student

Ian Danton is a Postgraduate Research Student. His psychological research is into the common values that connect all humans. His long-term goal is to develop an intervention, based on these values, that can be used to minimise prejudicial attitudes and behaviours.

Melissa Di Giovanni
Postgraduate Research Student

Melissa is a postgraduate research student whose current research investigates how cognitive and psychological factors influence drawing ability and affect the design experience for students in design education. 

Alexandra wearing a cardigan, clutching hands together
Postgraduate Research Student

Alexandra is a first-year postgraduate research student researching fundamental movement skills, physical activity, and balance during early childhood. 

Mark Dring in conversation.
Senior Lecturer

Mark is a lecturer on the Sound, Light and Live Event Technology Degree and also on the IOA Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control.

David Durie in front of a festival stage
Postgraduate Research Student

David is a postgraduate research student within the College of Business, Law, and Social Science and is researching the perceptions, expectations, and actions of multiple stakeholders contributing to the UK’s “Net Zero by 2050” policy agenda.

Farzeen Heesambee in the snow
Postgraduate Research Student