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David Durie

Postgraduate Research Student

David Durie in front of a festival stage


College of Business, Law and Social Sciences



I am in the first year of my PhD and I am fascinated by the intersecting domains of Business, Politics and Climate Change. I have worked at a senior level in business and I bring to this research project first-hand experience of having to balance the competing priorities of commercial benefit, moral responsibility and environmental sustainability. It is hard to get the balance correct. After having completed a Masters in Politics, where I focussed on environmental governance and the climate crisis, I decided to contribute to the understanding of what Net Zero really means for businesses at a local level. Government set policy but how is that implemented by business and how can decarbonisation be accelerated through new forms of stakeholder engagement?

Thesis title

A study of understanding, expectations, and engagement with the UK’s “Net Zero by 2050” policy initiative: A multiple-stakeholder perspective.