Postgraduate research students

Stacey Higgs
Postgraduate research student

Stacey Higgs is a further education and higher education lecturer in Animal Science and Zoo Management at Derby College, programmes accredited by the University of Derby. Her main areas of interest lie within research between human-animal interactions and the human perception of animals.

Ava Hunt
Senior Lecturer Programme Leader MA Applied Theatre & Education

Ava is a Senior Lecturer in Theatre Arts. She also works as a professional actor, director, programmer and producer. She has worked in theatre, film, commercials and television.

Julie outside wearing sunglasses by water.
Postgraduate Research Student

Julie is a postgraduate research student in the College of Arts, Humanities and Education. Her main academic interests are introducing positive psychology interventions into primary schools. 

Maham wearing a blue top and black rimmed glasses.
Postgraduate Research Student

Maham is a passionate creative marketing postgraduate. Her research aims to identify the relationship between student satisfaction and graduate employability for built environment students.

Yagna wearing a beige jacket, smiling
Postgraduate Research Student

Yagna is a Postgraduate Research Student within the College of Science and Engineering. Her research looks at artificial intelligence, robotics technology and industrial automation.

Peter Jordan Turner looking through a photobook of old images, in front of a bookshelf
Postgraduate Research Student

Peter Jordan-Turner is a postgraduate research student in the College of Arts, Humanities and Education. He is also an Associate Lecturer in 2 Photography modules, and a Marketing module in the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences.

Alexandra standing in front of an information board at the University
Postgraduate Research Student

Alexandra is a postgraduate research student whose PhD research is to examine how parents understand autism and their child’s unique autism traits.

Ken sitting down wearing a black zip up fleece.
Postgraduate Research Student

Ken is a PhD candidate researching sustainable marketing, aiming to identify and evaluate the critical success factors in building sustainable marketing strategies to determine key priorities and devise a new framework for marketing decision-makers.  Teaches marketing at levels 4, 6 and 7

Daniel wearing a blue shirt standing in front of a bush.
Postgraduate Research Student

Daniel's research is focused on enhancing understanding of how the livelihoods of coastal small-scale fishing households are impacted by the interaction of climate change and local socioeconomic factors. 

Research Student

Aimeric is a PhD student who enjoys algebra, statistics and mathematics in general, computer programming, and physics, in particular, cosmology, particle physics and astronomy.