research student

Cecilia Onkabetse Moalafi

Postgraduate Research Student

Cecilia Onkabetse Moalafi


College of Business, Law and Social Sciences



I am a full-time PhD scholar here at the University of Derby. I am from Botswana. Before starting my PhD, I was heavily involved in work to promote financial literacy in my country. Through my interactions with people on online media and during seminars, it was clear that leveraged investing is becoming popular, yet the risks of this type of investment strategy were not acknowledged by most retail investors. My PhD Topic was shaped by this discovery.

I want my research to contribute to the improvements in our financial systems, especially their regulation. My wish is that my PhD and future research will be read, understood and used by providers, regulators, and consumers of financial services and products.

Thesis title 

Prospects of Financial Markets: Household Debt and the Stock Market.