Postgraduate research students

Brandy smiling with hands on hips
Postgraduate Research Student

Brandy is a postgraduate research student at the University of Derby. Her PhD is provisionally titled Exploring Faith and Spirituality in Percy Bysshe Shelley's Works: Breaking the Myth of Shelley as an Atheist.

Postgraduate Research Student and Associate Lecturer

Kirsty is a second-year PhD student researching intergenerational physical activity, especially the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren with an aim of increasing physical activity levels in these populations. 

Lea Barbett
Postgraduate research student

Lea Barbett is a postgraduate research student in Environmental Psychology. Lea is interested in actions that people can take to support nature conservation (pro-nature conservation behaviours). 

Jaskaran wearing a black top, smiling.
Postgraduate research student

Jaskaran started working at the university in 2015 and, over the years, she has been involved in several research projects and teaching modules within the Psychology department and Centre for Compassion Research and Training.

Charles Kwabena Boakye giving a talk
Postgraduate Research Student

Charles Kwabena Boakye is a postgraduate research student is investigating the evolution of national identity management in sub-Saharan African countries and how the institutions and development of these nation-states have been affected by colonisation, ethnicity, and nationalism.

Veronika wearing headphones and glasses, sitting.
Postgraduate Research Student

Veronika works within the NHS mental health services, and her study explores how professionals of different disciplines, such as Psychiatry, Psychology, Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Social Work, reach decisions about the allocation of work. 

Chris Bristow
Senior Lecturer in Special Educational Needs and Disability

Chris is a Senior Lecturer in SEND and Education Studies.

Academic Manager – Professional Executive Education

As Academic Manager, Matthew Bromley has a strong history of programme development within Business subjects and is focused on innovations in teaching. 

Ruby wearing a grey beret smiling.
Postgraduate Research Student

Ruby is a postgraduate research student whose research focuses on the study of the perceptions of gender in the early years' workforce using interpretative phenomenological analysis. 

Postgraduate Research Student

Louise is a Postgraduate Research Student at the University of Derby. She is carrying out a study that aims to reduce the potential for side effects from radiation in diagnostic imaging tests, such as x-rays and CT scans.