Postgraduate research students

Julie outside wearing sunglasses by water.
Postgraduate Research Student

Julie is a postgraduate research student in the College of Arts, Humanities and Education. Her main academic interests are introducing positive psychology interventions into primary schools. 

Maham wearing a blue top and black rimmed glasses.
Postgraduate Research Student

Maham is a passionate creative marketing postgraduate. Her research aims to identify the relationship between student satisfaction and graduate employability for built environment students.

Yagna wearing a beige jacket, smiling
Postgraduate Research Student

Yagna is a Postgraduate Research Student within the College of Science and Engineering. Her research looks at artificial intelligence, robotics technology and industrial automation.

Peter Jordan Turner looking through a photobook of old images, in front of a bookshelf
Postgraduate Research Student

Peter Jordan-Turner is a postgraduate research student in the College of Arts, Humanities and Education. He is also an Associate Lecturer in 2 Photography modules, and a Marketing module in the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences.

Ken sitting down wearing a black zip up fleece.
Postgraduate Research Student

Ken is a PhD candidate researching sustainable marketing, aiming to identify and evaluate the critical success factors in building sustainable marketing strategies to determine key priorities and devise a new framework for marketing decision-makers.  Teaches marketing at levels 4, 6 and 7

Research Student

Aimeric is a PhD student who enjoys algebra, statistics and mathematics in general, computer programming, and physics, in particular, cosmology, particle physics and astronomy.

Hannah wearing a lab coat and smiling
Postgraduate Research Student

PhD student Hannah is studying the impacts of domestic cats on British wildlife populations. 

Brett working in a lab coat
Postgraduate Research Student

Brett's current PhD project follows directly on from his degree’s third-year independent study project focusing on how the palaeontology in Malta can help us understand modern climate change. 

Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Juliet is an associate lecturer and postgraduate research student with previous experience working in education, the homeless and vulnerable sector, housing management and in the prison system. She is passionate about evidence-led policy and practice, particularly in the criminal justice sector. Her research aim is to influence this.

Eisen wearing a waistcoat, shirt and tie.
Postgraduate Research Student

Eisen is a postgraduate researcher associated with the Centre of Business improvement and ERDF Low Carbon Business Network Project at the University of Derby.