research student

Ken Kaweesa

Postgraduate Research Student

Ken sitting down wearing a black zip up fleece.





I am a PhD candidate researching sustainable marketing, aiming to identify and evaluate the critical success factors in building sustainable marketing strategies to determine key priorities and devise a new framework for marketing decision-makers.

I am also passionate about consumer behaviour in terms of adoption of sustainable tendencies, consumption motivation, expectations, and perceptions. I am an Associate Lecturer at the University of Derby and Nottingham.

I have worked with SMEs (small or medium-sized enterprises) in Uganda under Enterprise Uganda to highlight the contribution SMEs make towards sustainability and how these initiatives could be used to drive growth.

Thesis title 

Study into consumer perceptions, experiences and attitudes towards sustainable products- the role of sustainable marketing. 


Teaching responsibilities

I have taught and supervised students in high education, including the delivery of several business courses both in the UK and Africa (Zimbabwe and Uganda). I am currently leading on a marketing and operations module and supervising several postgraduate students.