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Doctoral programmes

Executive at graduation

Studying at doctoral level means undertaking an extended research project at the cutting edge of the discipline

Doctoral students will be supervised by two members of Centre staff and supported to pursue their research interests and contribute to the evidence base around career and career development. The programmes are open to national and international students with relevant qualifications and experience.

Recently completed doctorates in the Centre have focused on the evidence base in careers work and on mentoring disadvantaged young people. The Centre is current supervising projects around youth transitions in working class communities, and continuing professional development in the careers profession. We are able to supervise a wide range of topics around the areas of career and career development. Please get in touch to discuss your research ideas.

The Centre offers a number of different routes to study at doctoral level. The main routes of study are:

  • EdD (Doctor of Practice).
  • New Route PhD
  • PhD

To discuss which route would be appropriate for you telephone 01332 591268 and ask to speak to Tristram Hooley or email

You can also find out more about doctoral programmes of study on the University of Derby's Research website.