Teacher Education and Educational Studies Research Cluster

The focus of this cluster is to create a welcoming, inclusive and respectful space in which research-active and research-inspiring individuals can engage in scholarship and knowledge exchange. The overall focus of the research cluster is to promote research pertaining to teaching and teachers in the broadest possible sense.

We work with schools, trusts, teaching alliances, universities and charitable organisations both regionally, nationally and internationally to better understand policy, theory and practice within an ever-changing education landscape. We welcome collaboration with other research groups and those with an interest in promoting high-quality teacher education.

Our aims

Teacher Education and Education Studies Research Cluster and its members aim to answer the following questions:

What is the future of the educator and how will this shape teacher education?

Through innovative theoretical and conceptual work, we explore the future of teacher education, preparing the next generation of educators at all levels.

How can theoretical, conceptual and methodological innovation impact teacher education?

Utilising theoretically- and methodologically-informed approaches we will explore pedagogical, curricular and assessment innovation to impact on teacher education.

What are the most effective ways to impact teacher education policy and practice?

Through partnerships and interdisciplinarity, we enact our civic duty as a research collective to inform local, national and international policy and practice.

How can research and scholarly activities contribute to the education community, locally, nationally and internationally?

Through empowerment and championing expertise, our members seek to impact teaching and education through knowledge production, exchange and dissemination.

Our research

We carry out research with mainstream, independent and rural schools, teaching school alliances and other educational organisations. We also evaluate research projects and work with teachers and school leaders to help raise standards. We can provide professional development opportunities in areas such as evidence-based/informed teaching, professional learning, mathematics education and school leadership.

Internationally, we research and advise in a range of countries around such topics as SEND, Mathematics and educating children from disadvantaged areas.

We have several doctoral students researching a variety of educational areas such as School Direct and University Partnerships, Therapeutic Education, Lesson Study.

Research-informed teaching

We supervise doctoral students researching topics related to all aspects of teacher education and training. We are interested in discussing further proposals in this area.

Rachael Addy (EdD, University of Derby), title: Creating a toolkit for teacher identification of mathematics anxiety in the classroom.

Jo Byrd (EdD, University of Derby), title: What are the discourses pre-service teachers use when discussing race?

Kayte Haselgrove (MPhil/PhD, University of Derby), title: Personal Orientations of the Subject Specialist Teacher

Vivienne Jones (EdD, University of Derby), title: Exploring the School Direct pathway of ITT through the lens of HEI and school partnerships.

Alison McIntosh (EdD, University of Derby), title: Spaces of punishment: A Foucauldian analysis of Removal Rooms in UK Secondary Schools


Join us

If you are interested in joining this research centre, want to find out more or are interested in applying for a PhD in this area, please contact Dr Jack Bryne Stothard.



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