Withdrawing from your halls contract

Your halls Licence Agreement is a legally binding contract that obliges you to pay fees for the length of the contract and abide by the terms and conditions. You can, however, be released from this contract under the three circumstances outlined below:

1. Withdrawing from your course

If you are withdrawing from your course, you are required to let Student Living know within four weeks of withdrawing in writing and provide evidence that you are no longer pursuing a course at the University. You can only do this by email. The amount you will be charged will depend on the date you have withdrawn from your course. See further details about the costs of withdrawing below.

2. Withdrawing on wellbeing grounds

If you wish to be released from your halls on wellbeing grounds, you need to speak to your Hall Manager and provide reasons for requesting a wellbeing release. Your Hall Manager will then refer you to the customer service team if appropriate, to assess your request. The length of time you will be charged for is set out below in 'Costs of withdrawing from your contract' unless the Student Wellbeing team make an adjustment based on your individual circumstances.

3. By providing a suitable replacement person (SRP) to take on your Licence Agreement 

If you wish to withdraw from your halls contract for any other reason, you need to find a suitable replacement person (SRP) to take on your contractual obligations. This person needs to be a full-time student who is not already living in halls of residence. Student Living will support you with this by adding the room to its vacancy list and advertising through Student Pad. However, we recommend that you also take the steps to find an SRP in these circumstances. 

If you do want to advertise your room in halls for this purpose, please contact the Student Housing team who will support you.

Tel: +44 (0)1332 594111

Email: studentliving-housingteam@derby.ac.uk

Unless an SRP is identified and has made arrangements with Student Living to pay the halls fees, then your Accommodation Licence remains a legally binding contract for you and you are liable for the fees on that contract.

Costs of withdrawing from your contract

If a suitable replacement (SRP) moves into the accommodation, you may be eligible for a refund where appropriate. Please note that if you are on a 51-week contract, different withdrawal dates apply.

For full details about withdrawing from your Licence Agreement, refer to Section 7 of the Accommodation Licence.