Adapted rooms for
additional needs

Student Living is committed to supporting students who have physical disabilities, are neurodiverse, or have sensory or mental health difficulties and/or disabilities by making reasonable adjustments to rooms where there is an established need.

Accommodation to suit you

It’s important to tell us about any health conditions, disabilities or wellbeing concerns you have when you apply so that we can support you during your stay with us. When you apply online, please provide details of these in the Application Notes field.

All members of our team are dedicated to dealing with applications from anyone with additional needs. Simply contact us by phone at +44 (0)1332 59411, as early as possible to let us know what your requirements are. We will be able to advise you on the next steps. We also suggest you contact the Student Wellbeing team who will be able to assist you and provide information on what assistance you can expect to receive.

Contact Student Living: T:+44 (0)1332 594111 E:

Contact University Wellbeing: T:+44 (0)1332 593000  E:  or visit our web page on disability

Student in wheelchair smiling

Having a remote that opens automatic doors was a real game changer. I didn’t realise how much I was struggling until I didn’t have to. The adapted bathrooms are much better than anything I had at home. Also, I'm right across the road from the bus stop, which makes getting to lectures really easy

Second Year Creative Writing and Publishing student and wheelchair user


We have a range of adapted accommodations reserved for students who have a qualifying condition and, if further adaptations are needed, we are able to make reasonable adjustments, given an appropriate timeframe. The kinds of adaptations that can be provided are:

Please note, this list is for illustrative purposes and is not exhaustive. In addition, where possible Student Living will prioritise the allocation of en suite accommodation to students with disabilities, but only where it is necessary for disability-related reasons.  We currently provide adapted rooms at all of our halls except Darley Bank. 

Access information

All our halls have been assessed by AccessAble so you know how accessible they are.

student smiling

If you need any adaptations to your flat, they are happy to provide what you need. Everything I need is in one area – the office, the laundry and the exit and the staff are really friendly and helpful. They got me a talking hob to help me in the kitchen.

First Year Psychotherapy and Counselling student who is registered blind

Come and see our rooms

We strongly advise all prospective students to come to a University Open Day to find out more about their course and the facilities available to them at the University. There will usually be an example of an adapted room available for visitors to see on the day.  Alternatively, you can contact Student Living to arrange a viewing at another time.

Student at his special desk

The process for getting your room adapted is really easy. When I needed to bring my own desk all I had to do was contact the Hall Manager and the room was changed for me for when I arrived. It’s important to put any information from DSA and about your disability in your halls application.

First Year Mathematics student with autism and mild cerebral palsy