Local students in halls

Even if you live near the University, opting to live in halls can give you that first taste of independence and help to immerse you in University life. You'll have the chance to meet people who you wouldn't otherwise meet and you'll widen your circle of friends to include people on a variety of courses. Student Living accepts applications from local students and guarantees them a place in halls if they apply by 31 July.

Why choose halls over home?

Many students local to Derby choose to live in halls for a number of different reasons. Halls are conveniently close and within walking distance to all academic campuses, as well as being located on the Unibus route. Living in halls allows students to make friends outside of their course, and offers more opportunities to take part in events and socialising.

What our local students say

We asked local students why they chose to live in halls:

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Student Amy Taylor playing Connect 4 game in halls kitchen

Living in halls gives me the chance to have the full University experience and makes me feel more connected. Despite being local, I chose to live in halls for convenience as the commute from my village would have been long and stressful.

Amy Taylor
BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management