Local students in halls

Even if you live near the University, opting to live in halls can give you that first taste of independence and help to immerse you in University life. You'll have the chance to meet people who you wouldn't otherwise meet and you'll widen your circle of friends to include people on a variety of courses. Student Living accepts applications from local students and guarantees them a place in halls if they apply by 31 July.

Why choose halls over home?

Get the full University experience

Living in halls gives you the freedom and flexibility to take advantage of everything the University has to offer whether that’s hanging out with flatmates, joining a club or society, staying late at the library or joining in those regular Union nights out without being hampered by the time constraints, timetables and delays that commuting can generate. 


For many people moving away from home is part and parcel of the University experience, a chance to be independent and start living an adult life away from parents and family. OK, so you may miss some home comforts but living in halls will enable you to live independently while benefitting from a supportive environment if you need it. It’s the perfect first step on the road to being a fully-fledged adult.

It’s the best way to make new friends

At Derby we have a thriving halls community across seven halls of residence so there’s a chance to get to know a wide variety of people from all over the UK and the world. Our Residence Life programme of mostly free events and activities enables you to try different things, visit new places and make friends without breaking the budget.

Female student outside Peak Court

Halls gave me the freedom to live on my own without the hassle of maintenance bills and landlords. Living in halls has allowed me to meet loads of my friends. If I had commuted, I wouldn’t have been able to be as actively involved in the University sports offering (Equestrian team) or the social life that comes with it.

BA English student from Swadlincote

What our local students say

The feedback we get from halls residents who are from the local area demonstrates the advantages halls can provide. Hannah from Derby, who is studying Psychology said "Living in halls was a chapter full of 2 am conversations, wild study nights and a community that has truly become a second family, I will cherish those memories forever." 

Another student told us "Living in halls close to home means I have independence being away from home but I am close enough to visit home when I want to."

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female student smiling

If I had commuted to University, I would have missed out on so much. My home is 20 minutes away by car but about two hours away on public transport. My friends who commute to Uni are always tired and they miss out on valuable study time and the social side of things.

BSc Forensic Science student from Sutton In Ashfield
Student smiling ina Derby Uni hoody

Halls are a great way to start your university journey. I wanted to experience independence and understand what it’s like to live on my own. I was able to make life-long friends and meet new people that I am able to count on.

BSc Occupational Therapy student from Woodsthorpe-by-Colsterworth