The benefits of living in halls

Live in Derby halls and get the full 'University experience'.  Our award-winning accommodation offers a wide choice of rooms, a safe and secure environment and excellent wellbeing and customer support. Join our vibrant student community, make new friends, take part in our halls events and make the most of student life.

Living student life to the full

Living in halls gives you the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people, build your self-confidence and live independently, maybe for the first time. You'll have the chance to meet new people, try new things and broaden your horizons. The events organised by the halls social team will put you in touch with other students in the halls community and you'll be able to take part in lots of free or subsidised activities with them.

Everything from quizzes, bingo nights and cookery classes, to day trips, inter-hall tournaments, and outdoor activities like paddleboarding and goat yoga. In addition, every undergraduate hall has a common room with shared facilities like Playstation 4, table tennis, and pool which are free to use. You and your flatmates can even book the room out for your own gathering!

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Halls - the first choice for all students

Whether you're a new student, an overseas student, a returning student, or someone who needs their room adapted for health requirements, you'll find there are so many reasons why University-owned halls are the best option. Halls are the ideal environment to help you navigate University life. You'll have all the benefits of independent living, without the hassle and you'll enjoy the friendly and supportive environment that halls provide.

Hassle- free living

If you live in halls you'll be able to concentrate on being a student and leave the difficult stuff to us:

* except Flamsteed Court and Darley Bank

** No parking at Agard Court and Darley Bank

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