Allocations policy

Students with special requirements

We have rooms available for disabled students and those with special requirements.  It’s important to let us know about any conditions you have when you apply for halls. Please use the UCAS application and the notes facility in our halls application process to let us know about an illness or disability.

Grouping similar students together

We’ll do our best to allocate you a room in a flat with other students who are at the same stage of University as you.  So we’ll try to put first year students with other first years, returners with other returners and post graduates with other post graduates.  However sometimes this is not possible especially with late applications.  We may also take age into consideration and group people of similar ages together where possible.

Students who apply together

If you want to live with a group of friends, you can apply to live together in the same flat as long as you all agree. You need to apply at the same time and follow the procedure for a group application.

Our right to refuse

We (Student Living or DSRL Ltd) retain the right to refuse an application if you have lived in halls with us before and: