Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for group bookings

DSRL is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee trading as Derby Student Living whose registered office is Kedleston Road, Derby DE22 1GB (registered charitable company number 30874552) and referred to in these terms and conditions as 'Derby Student Living', ‘DSRL’, 'we' or 'us'.


1.1   Glossary

"Booking" means a booking for a stay at a Hall of Residence and includes accommodation and any Third Party Services;

"Agreement" means the arrangements between us and you to fulfill a Booking;

"Customer" means any customer who makes or is making a Booking with us and references to 'you' and 'your' shall have the same meaning;

"Group" means an organized, official group of 10 or more people;

“Educational Groups” means a school, College, University, Girl Guiding (including Rainbows and Brownies) and Scouts (including Beavers, Cubs and Explorer Scouts).

"No-Show" means a guest who does not arrive and gives no notice or indication of intent;

"Writing" means letter, fax or email;

"Hall of residence" and “Halls” means a Residential Accommodation Building run by DSRL;

1.2 These conditions and any matters referred to by us, form the entire understanding between you and us and supersede any prior promises, representations (unless fraudulent) or undertakings.

1.3 Any omission or error in any sales literature, web page or site, order form, quotation, price list, order acknowledgement, dispatch note, invoice or other document issued by us may be corrected by us without liability. We will advise you of any changes at the time of making a Booking or purchasing a Product or as soon as is reasonably possible thereafter.

1.4 The provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are expressly excluded from the agreement so that no third party may claim any rights under any Contract.


2.1 All Bookings are subject to acceptance by us and we will confirm such acceptance to you by sending you an e-mail that confirms that the Booking has been successful. The agreement between us will only be formed when we send you this confirmation. All Bookings are subject to availability and DSRL reserves the right to decline any Booking at its discretion.

2.2 A Booking cannot be amended unless agreed between an authorized representative of DSRL and you.

2.3 Bookings to stay at a Hall of Residence may be made by e-mail using the formal booking request form to the address provided.

2.4 By making a Booking you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into a binding agreement and that the information you have provided to us is correct. All Bookings made by e-mail or other forms of distance communication are made subject to these terms and conditions and the person placing the booking warrants that he/she has the full authority to do so on behalf of all the persons they are making a booking for, and confirms that all such persons are aware of and accept these conditions.


3.1 Individuals Changes requested from the date your Booking is accepted will be treated as cancellations (see section 4 below).

3.2 Groups Subject to availability, you may change a Group Booking to different dates up to 6 months before your arrival date.

3.3 If, less than 6 months before your arrival date, you wish to change a Group Booking, such a change shall be treated as a cancellation and shall be subject to our standard refund policy (see section 4.4), subject to the exception in section 3.4.

3.4 A Group Booking can decrease its numbers once by up to 10% up to 28 days before arrival. Thereafter any additional decreases in Group numbers will be considered a cancellation and will be subject to our refund policy.

3.5 All changes shall be subject to the availability of a suitable alternative.


4.1 All Booking cancellations are subject to our refund policy, contained within this section.

4.2 All refunds are calculated according to the time between notification of the cancellation being received by DSRL and the time of the first night of your stay. The first night of your stay is defined as starting at 3pm.

4.3 Individual bookings Please call the Halls to cancel your booking.

4.4 Group Bookings Refund policy where less than 56 days' notice is given are set out on the sliding scale below. This is based on the total cost of your stay.

Number of days Cancellation of the whole booking
More than 56 days Varies according to the booking - call the Student Housing Centre direct
29-55 days We will refund 50% of the total cost of your stay
28 days or less No refund will be given

4.5 Applying for a refund Please contact the halls direct.

4.6 Exceptional circumstances Should your booking be affected by exceptional circumstances DSRL, at the discretion of the DSRL Operations Director, may deviate from its cancellation and refund policy. The Operations Director’s decision is final.


5.1 Payments shall be made in such format as we may agree with you when you place an order.

5.2 In order for us to confirm your booking you must pay us the appropriate sum, as set out below:

TimescalePayment required
Within 5 days of receiving invoice

30% of full cost of booking

Balance of booking at least 4 weeks in advance

Less than 4 weeks in advance Full payment at the time of booking

5.3 Deposits payable under clause 5.2 are non-refundable except in the circumstances set out in section 7.

5.4 Large scale bookings may, at the discretion of the DSRL Operations Director, be offered alternative payment terms and these will be documented separately.


6.1 Groups are defined as being an organised official group comprising of ten or more people.

6.2 Group leaders accompanying the Group are responsible for the discipline and behaviour of their Group. Group leaders are responsible for all damage caused by their action or inaction, or the actions or inactions of those in their Group. If any Group is given sole use of a Hall of residence(s) it shall not offer for sale to the general public or publicly advertise the sale of Hall of residence facilities or services.


In the unlikely event it becomes necessary to change your Booking, in total or in part, DSRL will inform you as soon as is reasonably possible of any necessary changes. You will have the choice of: accepting the changed arrangements; or purchasing another Booking from DSRL (and paying or receiving a refund in respect of any differences); or cancelling your Booking and receiving a full refund of all payments made.


8.1 If your behaviour or the behaviour of any member(s) of your Group is deemed to be unacceptable or causes damage, your Booking may be terminated and you may be asked to leave DSRL premises. No whole or part refunds will be made under these circumstances.

8.2 A damage bond may be required for your Group. In these circumstances a member of the DSRL team will contact you to discuss the terms of such a bond. Damage caused during your stay will be deducted from the damage bond which may include any administration costs incurred by DSRL.

8.3 Irrespective of the requirement for a damage bond, it is expected that all damages will be paid for by Customers and Groups.

8.4 If you lose your keys during your stay a replacement set will be issued at a cost of £40.

8.5 All DSRL and University of Derby premises are non-smoking. It is expected of all guests to use the designated outdoor smoking areas during their stay. Failure to do so may incur damage costs to you and/or you being asked to leave the premises.

8.6 No animals or pets are allowed on any DSRL or University of Derby premises, with the exception of registered guide dogs. Those wishing to bring guide dogs must inform DSRL so sufficient arrangements can be made to accommodate them.


9.1 We will aim to meet your booking needs based on the information provided in the booking request form. Where we are unable to offer your exact requests we will contact you with a suitable alternative.

9.2 The Hall of Residence that we allocate to you or your Group will be based on the room type request and our availability. Where we are able to accommodate the dates and number of people but not the room type, we will aim to offer you the closest type of room to that originally requested.

9.3 Where possible we will aim to allocate your Group to the same site. However, should we not have the availability on one individual site, we will look to allocate your booking across multiple sites. We will contact you should this be the case.


We will only store and use the information you supply to us for the purposes of carrying out our agreement with you and to collect valuable feedback about how satisfied you were with the services provided. In the event that you are notified that you are no longer able to stay at DSRL properties (on the grounds of unacceptable behaviour), your personal details will be shared with all DSRL properties to ensure that you are not permitted to stay in the future.


Please refer to the University of Derby's Privacy Statement.


All guests must provide a valid form of identification during the booking request process (Groups will be required to provide Group leader identification and not the entire Group), which can be:

This information should be scanned and emailed with the booking request form.

Any group leader unable to provide suitable identification may be refused accommodation.

13. UNDER 18s

If you're booking for a group of young people who are under 18, we'll do a risk assessment before you arrive. 

One of our requirements is that you have enough mentors supervising the group who have had appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

If your visit to Derby is for educational purposes, or the people in your group are full time students, then you won't have to pay VAT.


We have the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions from time to time. You will be subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time that you make a Booking with us, unless any change is required to be made by law or if we notify you of the change to these terms and conditions before we confirm that your Booking or purchase has been successful.