De-carbonise the built environment and develop smart cities

We can help your business play a role in de-carbonising the built environment and developing smart cities, with free technical support and consultancy. This is being offered through the DE-Carbonise collaborative project, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Our expertise

Any advice or consultancy we offer, will be tailored to your business and informed by an initial carbon reduction audit and report. However, the following are the key areas we have expertise in.

Building and urban bioclimatic design

We understand how buildings interact with the surrounding environment and respond to large and small changes in the climate. Using advanced planning, interior design techniques and sustainable architecture practices such as biophilic design (including nature in the design), we can address issues such as overheating, energy demand and human health and safety.

Structural design and technology

Concrete healing technologies and quantitative surveying techniques are enabling us to provide solutions that will protect land from flooding and reduce earthwork defects. This will allow the development of construction management approaches that are both environmentally friendly and financially viable.

Future and smart cities

We are using sustainable engineering principles to develop applications and technologies that will improve quality of life and reduce carbon emissions. Using advanced software, data gathering and analysis techniques, we can assess scenario-based solutions to develop the best smart designs.

More specifically, we can advise on:

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Our researchers

Find out more about our key built environment and smart city researchers, who are available to work with your business.

Martin Adlington wearing blue shirt

Martin Adlington
Programme Leader for Civil Engineering Construction Management

Martin is a programme leader, senior lecturer, assessor and external examiner with significant academic and industry experience. His research relates to climate change and overheating with an emphasis on healthy buildings.

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Omar Hamza standing in front of a powerpoint presentation titled 'Digitalisation in managing railway geotechnical assets'.

Dr Omar Hamza
Associate Professor in Civil Engineering

Omar is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 22 years of academic and industrial experience in geotechnical engineering. He undertakes R&D in the field of sustainable development, particularly climate change adoption and mitigation.

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Dr Boris Ceranic
Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for MSc Architectural Courses

Boris is programme leader for our undergraduate and postgraduate architectural courses. His research interests include sustainable architecture and low energy design, healthy buildings, BIM (building information modelling), modular design and construction technologies.

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Eleni Tracada

Dr Eleni Tracada
Lecturer in Architecture

A registered architect and a member of RIBA since 2005, Eleni is now Head and Principal Researcher of the Built Environment Research Group here at Derby, and also teaches and supervises student research.

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