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Dr Boris Ceranic

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for MSc Architectural Courses


Architectural Technologies and Interior Architecture


College of Science and Engineering


School of Built and Natural Environment


Markeaton Street, Derby Campus



Dr Boris Ceranic is a long standing Programme Leader of undergraduate and postgraduate architectural courses and an experienced academic, practitioner and researcher.  He has spent ten years on the construction sites and in his own design and build practice, prior to entering academia. Since then, he remained research and practice active, publishing on an international level and chairing panels at the international conferences, referring international journals, undertaking PhD supervision and examination, and engaging in externally funded research projects and consultancy, all of which are based on the real build projects and case studies.  

Research interests

His research interests include sustainable architecture and low energy design, healthy buildings, BIM (building information modelling), modular design and construction technologies, fire research, feng shui, heuristic structural optimisation methods, building performance and life cycle assessment, shape grammar and advanced parametric design.

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Recent conferences

Adlington M, Ceranic, B. (2017)’, A Critical Review of Impact of Overheating in Buildings using Matrix Framework Assessment, ICSAEEEDS 2017 : 19th International Conference on Sustainable Architectural, Environmental and Ecological Engineering Design for Society, July, 4-5, 2017, Singapore

 Adlington M, Ceranic, B. (2017)’, A Critical Review Of The Impact Of Global Warming On Overheating In Buildings, 7th Global Conference on Global Warming (GCGW-2018), June, 24-28, 2018, Turkey

B. Ceranic, G. Markwell and A. Dean (2016), ‘’Too Many Empty Homes, Too Many Homeless’ – A Novel Design and Procurement Framework for Transforming Empty Homes through Sustainable Solutions’, Proc. of International Conference on Sustainability and Energy in Buildings 2016SEB- 2016, 11 - 13 September, 2016, Turin, Italy 

B. Ceranic, D. Latham and A. Dean (2015), ‘Sustainable Design and Building Information Modelling: Case Study of Hieron’s Wood, Derbyshire, UK’, Proc. of International Conference on Sustainability and Energy in Buildings 2015, SEB- 2015, 1 - 3 July, 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

B. Ceranic, D. Latham and A. Dean (2015), ‘Case Study Based Approach to Integration of Sustainable Design Analysis, Performance and Building Information Modelling’, Proc. of International Conference on Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Design, Construction and Operations, 9 - 11 September, 2015, Bristol, UK

O. Arowosafe, B. Ceranic, A. Dean (2015), ‘Construction Costs and Value Management: Study of Multinational Practices in Nigeria’, Proc. of RICS COBRA 2015 Conference, 8-10 Jul 2015, Sydney, Australia

O. Arowosafe, B. Ceranic, A. Dean (2015), ‘Sustainable Infrastructure Delivery Model: Value Added Strategy in Nigeria Construction Industry’, Proc. of ARCOM 2015 Conference, 31st Annual Conference , 7-9 September 2015, Lincoln, UK

Zhong, D. and Ceranic, B., (2008),’Modern Interpretation of FengShui in Contemporary Sustainable Residential Design’, Eco Architecture 2008 – pp. 47-56, International Journal of Design and Nature, 2008, WIT Press

Smith, G., Ceranic, B. (2012), ‘Application of Shape Grammar Theory to Underground Rail Station Design and Passenger Evacuation’, Proc.of International Conference on Innovations in Engineering and Technology for Sustainable Development, Tamil Nadu, India

Zhong, D. and Ceranic, B., (2007),’ Feng Shui - A Systematic Practice of Vernacular Sustainable Development in Ancient China and its Lessons for Future’, 7thInternational CARE Conference, Greenich

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