Toby's story video transcript

[A police badge on a police officer's uniform]

Toby Arnold, Policing student:

People really fascinate me the way they choose to live their lives and how we all come together to create society. I have a strong belief that people should be able to enjoy themselves and not have to worry about crime and the police should be there in the background looking out for them.

[Toby standing waiting to cross the road to our One Friar Gate Square building, which has a glass and copper facade]

That's what has driven the vision for my career - to become a respected police officer.

[Toby in our custody suite standing with another policing student, who is wearing a police uniform]

I want to become an officer that the public has great faith in, to protect and support them and to be there in their times of need.

[A bird's eye view from the University's Kedleston Road campus, flying over Markeaton Park and other green spaces and the A38 junction, looking across to our Markeaton Street building and the city of Derby beyond]

Having grown up in the East Midlands, I'd really like to become a police officer in the region and studying here allows me to do all of my volunteering with Nottinghamshire police, which has been an amazing experience.

[Toby walks into the One Friar Gate Square building]

I have loved my time so far at Derby.

[Handcuffs are placed over Toby's wrist. He is walked through the custody suite by a student in uniform as if Toby had been arrested]

The accelerated programme that I'm studying allows me to learn in two years instead of three - it's certainly been challenging but the help and support on the academic side of things has been fantastic. I'm so close to achieving my dream role. I can't wait to see what my future holds.

Toby's story video

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